A Different Life Begins Due To Smart Electric Assist Bike Airwheel R5

You are the protagonist in your own life and you can live a different life with Airwheel R5 electric assist bike. The moment you ride Airwheel R5, you will feel hard to separate from it.

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Life can be good; life can be bad. You are the protagonist in your own life and you can live a different life with Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle. The trendy externality of Airwheel R5 will leave you a deep impression. No matter who you are, a student, a worker, or trend setter, Airwheel R5 folding electric bike will lend you a hand to lead a new lifestyle.
City electric Bike
Riding Airwheel R5 electric assist bike will make you always the attention of others. R5 provides riders with three different riding modes: electricity-assisted mode, man-powered mode and power-assisted mode. Riders can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. Many take the power-assisted mode as the focus because it allows riders to achieve a 100km range. The level of power assistance changes with different force. Its 235W powerful hub motor that can be customized, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system, offers more powerful and stable force and lets riders enjoy a longer and faster riding experience.
electric assist bike
Plus, Airwheel R5 folding e bike is green and portable. Nowadays, climate change has become a worldwide phenomenon and effective measures need to be taken without hesitation. We can begin with riding green transport—Airwheel. As it is energised by clean energy, Airwheel R5 belongs to pro-environment vehicles. Moreover, R5 citizen folding electric bike can be easily carried into the subway, bus, office and school to facilitate daily commuters. Three steps to fold (main frame, operating rod, handle bars) realizes convenient usage.

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Airwheel R5 electric assist bike benefits other people as well as ourselves. For students and workers, they will never be late for class and work, as they get rid of traffic congestion and more importantly, they will enjoy the process. With Airwheel R5, you can make a difference and mark yourself whatever your own style is. Fashionable and practical, Airwheel R5 electric assist urban bike will delight your daily boring life. You can ride it to anywhere you want without hindrances.

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