Online Marketer’s Biggest Challenge Is Solved By Content Rocket

Content Rocket
Content Rocket is a WP plugin that solves the biggest challenge of marketers which is creating an unique, engaging content. Unlike thousands of content spinners out there, Content Rocket creates content without spinning or rearranging paragraphs.

The product is based on Google’s Natural Language Processing algorithm. The content is generated from YouTube subtitles and added as blog posts. And the most vital aspect of Content Rocket is that website owners can use this tool to create content in more than 80 languages. This is a powerful feature that helps them build massive local language blogs. Let us now look at a few basic features regarding Content Rocket.

This WP plugin creates content by quickly extracting the information from YouTube subtitles. Therefore, it allows users to improve their content and increase their odds of content marketing success. This could be the best SEO strategy to drive traffic to their online business.

Moreover, Content Rocket can generate content in over 80 languages worldwide, and use Content Rocket’s efficient algorithm that relied on Google’s Natural Language Processing methodology to index your site faster. Marketers are now enabled to create content instantly from a video in any language.

This tool also allows users to funnel relevant content to their website via drip feed. Furthermore, you have options to embed Youtube video, add featured image to blog post, content alignment, video title as blog post title and much more.  This content rocket plugin ensures your internet marketing campaigns become even more efficient.

With Content Rocket, marketers can quickly solve the biggest challenge of getting unique, human readable content in almost any niche. The plugin doesn’t create a mechanical content that can be instantly busted by Google. However, it carefully adds conversational content from Youtube, where millions of videos are added every day.

Content Rocket plugin offers marketers a clear and detailed log of the plugin activities to help them keep track of what’s going into their blog. Users may view or edit the posts directly from the blog so that they can save time to locate individual blog posts.

Users can also find the popular videos based on keywords of their niche and select these videos to extract content. And if you find a good video relevant to your niche on Youtube with subtitles, you can copy the URL and enter it manually in Content Rocket to extract the content and add it as a post in your blog.

Content Rocket comes with even more features to help marketers generate an unique content:

  • Auto embed YouTube Videos for quick indexing
  • Auto featured image for posts
  • Extract and auto post unlimited readable content through YouTube subtitle extraction
  • Produces content on any niche
  • Easy content categorization
  • Drip feed and easy setup

It is true that any topic requires some research to provide fresh material each time. Especially when you outsource it to a writer, they charge you a fee for 1000 words content which is a fair price considering the amount of time it takes to arrive the content angle. However, by using this plugin, users can save major research time since it instantly generates content on almost any topic based on availability.

Content Rocket solves the biggest challenge of marketers which is quickly getting human readable content in virtually any niche. This smart tool offers unlimited fresh content in 100% readable format so that users need not spend on expensive content writers anymore.

For more detail, you could see Content Rocket review here.

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