The Most Coveted Hairstyles Heading Into 2017

SEATTLE, WA – 12/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Hairstyle Guru, a popular website that tracks women’s hairstyle and hair-color trends, has been closely following which looks of 2016 women coveted the most. From bobs to balayage to burgundy hair coloring, the style hunters at Hairstyle Guru have covered it all. Kay Wilson, head writer, gave a run-down of the looks that have been the most popular this year along with her predictions for what will continue to be the popular hairstyles in 2017.


“The balayage hair coloring technique really exploded this year. It was somewhat of a shift from the stark ombre hair color technique we saw so much of last year. With balayage, the transition from base color to accent color is much smoother and subtler, creating a more natural effect.”

Pixie Cuts

“Pixie cuts were surprisingly big in 2016 year. We got a ton of interest in ones with undercuts, as well as the best pixie cuts for curly hair. What that says to me is that women are looking for unique looks, not your typical hairstyles that you see everywhere. They want to make their own mark.”

Gray and Silver Ombre Hairstyles

“Another unexpected category was gray and silver hair—granny hair, as some people call it. It started to get big last year, and the trend continued into 2016. We’ll be watching these colors like a hawk to see whether they’ll continue to dominate in 2017.”


“We saw women wearing different types of bangs this year, so we did a round-up of the top bangs styles and which face shapes would work best with each one. It was a huge hit. Not only did it identify the trends, but it also suggested which types of bangs would work best for each woman’s face shape.”

Other high-traffic posts included dark-blonde hair, chocolate brown hair, and long wavy hair with layers, said Wilson.

Which looks will be the most popular in 2017? “You’ll just have to visit the site to find out,” Wilson said.

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