Pro Google SEO Will Educate Struggling US Businessmen On Their Search Marketing Potential

RABWAH, CHENAB NAGAR, PAKISTAN – 12/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Pro Google SEO (PGS) is launching a campaign in which it will engage the struggling businessmen in US & Canada. Company will educate them on how search marketing can generate a consistent flow of customers, and introducing them to the highly customized solutions for web marketing will be another part of this campaign. These solutions are crafted to satisfy the most complicated managerial demands of web marketing. The move is a part of company’s expansion ambitions and it has been initiated to establish a portfolio of satisfied clients outside the freelancing platforms. All clients that Pro Google SEO (PGS) has had so far came from Freelancing portals.

Hannan Ahmad, founder of Pro Google SEO (PGS), said, “In this era of smartphone revolution, a great way to communicate is to develop a website and use SEO as a marketing tool to engage your customer. However, new domains rank very low and require consistent efforts to establish as best go-to authority, only after which search engines make them most visible for the queries of a potential customer. Time and budget demands increase when competition is high – due to which small businesses either do not spend on SEO or withdraw funds after first few months’ shortcomings. Taking such businesses on-board is a core objective of this campaign.”

He added, “Small businesses usually don’t have huge budgets for web marketing. They hire small companies for website development, and chose the same companies for SEO without confirming that they have a trained SEO in their team. Most web development firms are SEO sharks because they consist of a few individual developers that only specialize in development tasks. SEO is a very competitive field where an up-to-date understanding of the best branding practices is required to make things work. The developers cannot think beyond creating a few directory backlinks or social bookmarks or article submissions. Now – every real business is listed into business directories, socially bookmarked and etc. However, search engines aim to reveal the finest results for every keyword, and this is where the low-knowledge of the hired company drains the whole investment.”

Talking about how Pro Google SEO (PGS) is different from these companies, Hannan said, “SEO is our only specialty and we are much applied in branding-up websites. Our innovated techniques do not just restrict to creating backlinks, rather we build brands by projecting you like a business whose higher placement in search results symbolize the quality of search. Alternatively, it is like we develop and implement a strategic approach in which your business goals get unified with the needs of audience. It not only grows credibility and customer satisfaction but also boosts your organic search visibility, while your social influence grows as well.”

Hannan added, “In addition to search marketing, our other services include Search Rank Tracking, Press Release Distribution, Content Marketing and SEO Audits. You can further compare us with the rest from impact-fullness of solutions in these fields.” He said, “All search rank tracking tools come with different benefits, but we have combined their all benefits and removed drawbacks to simplify SEO management from managerial perspectives. Similarly, we recently launched a press release website whose articles are distributed to the local press representatives at the very local level of a business’s covered areas. Before launching this website, we created a database of the authentic news, radio and press networks of every single city of every single county of all states of United States. The result is that you can distribute your news to the local press without spending huge amounts. You will not get a placement at large news websites – but they are not places where your local press representatives are likely to go to find news. Just like this, we are creating solutions for the empowerment of businesses in order to help them claim their search traffic share.”

He said that Pro Google SEO (PGS) is not an SEO shark and it will engage businesses after conducting some in-depth research into their past. “Since we only specialize in SEO, websites with web development and coding issues are not ideal when we want to ensure maximum ROI for minimum expenses of a client.”

This campaign of engagement will start from 14th December and it will continue during the first half of 2017.

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