Wenlock, London – The All New Electric Skateboard by Magneto

Magneto is happy to announce that they now sell a powerful,  new high performance, electric skateboard that’s made with its intended users in mind. This skateboard is great for those

journeys that are too short to take a Cab/Taxi but too long to walk. It can also be used to move to the bus stop, and then after the bus ride to reach your destination.

It weighs about 7kg so it can be brought on the bus, train or even a plane.

The Magneto skateboard can also be used just for fun, as nothing beats the feeling of instant fun and adrenaline on TAP!

The really innovative thing about the new Magneto is the range, The battery is fully swappable, just carry a spare and change the battery, essentially providing limitless range.

This skateboard is built with cutting-edge technology. It’s dual hub motor system is very impressive and powerful and climb 25% The user can feel the power and torque of this system right under their feet. It runs at about 22 mph and is just 4 inches from the ground. With such power and speed braking is important; that’s why the designers have ensured that it has a reliable, sharp and stable braking system for the users’ safety.

On a fully charged battery, it covers a range of 15 miles. But the battery can be swapped in seconds, for a fresh full battery, and this will extend range so the user can go wherever they want. It boasts a Samsung High rate Lithium battery which takes between 2 – 3 hours to charge.

The skateboard is strong and durable. The deck is made of 7 Layers of Canadian Hard Rock Maple, measuring 920mm by 240mm by 13mm, and the wheels measure 83mm diameter / 52mm width, are made of 85A High Rebound Polyurethane.

The Magneto Electric Skateboards has been recognised as one of the top tier electric skateboards with support and distribution centres now servicing Europe and is soon extending to the USA. The brand is all about performance, quality, and at a price point that’s affordable to many.

About Magneto:

Magneto has been in the Electric Longboard race for 2 years now and was founded by two brothers, Lee and Jason. They both come from an engineering background and are both passionate about Longboarding in general and the portable transportation space. They believe that Magneto will turn portable transportation on its head, if not with their traditional Magneto Longboards then with their electric longboards. They’re based in London and all of their stock is sold from the UK, including spares.

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Company Name: Magnetic Electric Skateboard
Contact Person: Lee
Phone: 02031372137
Address:20-22 Wenlock Road London, N1 7GU
Country: United Kingdom