Comella Orthodontics Among Founding Members Of Lingual Braces And Orthodontics Study Club

Comella Orthodontics would like to announce that they are a member of the Elite Lingual Orthodontics Study Club (ELOS).

Rochester, NY – Comella Orthodontics would like to announce that they are a member of the Elite Lingual Orthodontics Study Club (ELOS). Members are specialists with extensive experience in behind the teeth braces also called lingual orthodontics. Lingual braces allow people to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing you are in treatment, therefore removing the social and psychological discomfort of conventional braces or aligners.

Lingual braces are not only invisible they are completely custom made to achieve an outcome that is a perfect fit for you in your bones and face.  This is the true value according to Dr. Brandon Comella.   The results are superior due to the CAD/CAM manufacturing that allows us to achieve results not possible with conventional braces.

Besides the confidence this treatment affords adults and teenagers, other benefits include shorter total treatment times. It means faster treatment periods, amazing results and most important of all, the braces remain out of sight throughout the treatment period. The braces are made through a special manufacturing process, allowing customization to make sure they fit each unique patient’s teeth structures. The braces are fastened to the patient’s teeth using wire sets that slowly move teeth into the appropriate positions.

Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club represents a group of orthodontics who specialize in lingual braces. Once a patient visits an ELOS member like Dr. Brandon Comella for orthodontic care, they are guaranteed of receiving invisible orthodontic solutions irrespective of how complex their situation may be. ELOS doctors have vastly experienced orthodontists who also offer clear braces and Invisalign.

In addition, ELOS members have different lingual brace brands at their disposal that include Suresmile, Incognito, and Harmony. All these present patients with discreet and high-quality cosmetic behind the teeth orthodontic solutions regardless of how complex a case may be.

For more information about lingual braces products, do not hesitate to contact Comella Orthodontics through any of the contact avenues below. Few orthodontists have invested in advancing their education and experience to offer this treatment and have a proven track record of thousands of patients.  


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Comella Orthodontics has two locations in order to better assist the residents of Rochester and Victor New York, respectively. Comella Orthodontics can be found at 1972 S. Clinton Ave, Rochester, New York (14618). The clinic’s second location is conveniently located at 171 W. Main Street in Victor, New York (14564). To learn more about the state of the art orthodontics practice call (585) 271-7515 or go online to

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