Energetics Separates Great Speakers from Average Ones

Huntington Beach, CA, December 14, 2016: They say that fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death, but according to Dr. Jim Alvino – international speaker trainer, author, business coach and law of attraction expert – without the right energy you will surely “die on stage.”

Dr. Alvino recently returned from Australia and New Zealand, where he spent three weeks training a half dozen clients, one on one, on what he calls the “energetics of speaking success.”  These are dynamic principles and behaviors that can transform an average speaker into a great one, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro.

For starters, he says, “the number one principle to get your arms around is that all communication involves an exchange of energy, it’s not just about the words you use or even body language, as important as these and other presentation mechanics are.”

Dr. Alvino explains that his approach to speaker training, which sets him apart from all other trainers, is his understanding and application of the fundamentals of quantum physics, neuroscience and Jungian psychology.  “Everything and everyone in the universe is connected in a deep substratum of vibrant energy,” Dr. Alvino says. 

“Quantum physics has demonstrated over and over the interrelatedness of all beings and our potential for accessing vast realms of the collective unconscious.”  Once you acknowledge and learn how to tap into this infinite field, he goes on to say, public speaking is like a cosmic jig between speaker and audience – sometimes doing the waltz, sometimes the tango.  And it doesn’t matter whether your topic is window cleaning or steps for self-improvement.

6 Tips for “Energizing” Your Public Speaking

  1. Understand that you’re either extending your ki/chi or sucking it in.  These are martial arts concepts, the former is based on power, the latter on fear.  Practice extending your energy (ki/chi) from your navel out into the audience and beyond.  Dr. Alvino says that oftentimes considerable confidence-building and mindset work are necessary to help clients “get a grip,” stay centered, and speak from their core not their extremities.


  1. Create and invite people into your Energy Circle.  There are different ways to grab audience attention and lasso them in right from the beginning. You can shock them into attention or ask leading questions that seek to force participation; but how do you hold them once you have them? How do you deal with hostility or disarm a challenge? How do you command response? And how do you pivot to stay on point?  “These are all matters of directing one’s energy,” Dr. Alvino explains.  “Knowing how to do this can be the difference between living and dying on stage.”


  1. Understand and learn to apply the Law of Attraction & Law of Quantum Observation, the essence of that which is, “like unto itself is drawn,” and “you get what you observe.”  This is about laser focus… knowing exactly what you want, then giving it the attention and action required to manifest it.  In deference to Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich) and his predecessors on the connection between thinking and creating the reality you desire, Dr. Alvino calls this one, Speak and Grow Rich.


  1. Remember to come from the heart and stand in an aura of love.  You are there to take your audience to new heights of awareness, education, experience and inspiration, Dr. Alvino explains.  You are there for them, not for your self-aggrandizement. You are there to enrich and transform.  Your highest gratification is their upliftment.  The way to shine on stage is to reflect back your audience’s greatness, and to help them see themselves in highest possible light.


  1. Apply what Dr. Alvino calls his “Quantum Formula for Success”See it, feel it, believe it, plot it, and do it! Achieving anything begins with a vision (consistent visualization actually makes physical changes in the brain); feeling brings in the vibrational component (everything in our life is “frequency specific” to whom we are, and optimism reigns supreme); belief in ourselves, in our power and efficacy, is a necessary condition for success; create the strategic outline, the blueprint, that maps it all out; and take action… nothing happens unless you do something!  If you want to be a speaker, Dr. Alvino says, start speaking!


  1. Hire a speaker coach!  Many speakers fail, as do businesses, because of the belief “I can do it myself.”  This is being a penny wise and more than a pound foolish, according to Dr. Alvino.  Find someone with a track record of success, with positive reviews, who is a professional speaker trainer, and get clarity as to expectations and anticipated outcomes before you engage a speaker coach.  “It has to feel right for it to be right,” Dr. Alvino advises.  “Pay attention to red flags.  They come up for a reason.”


More Information

Dr. James Alvino is an award-winning journalist and business coach and author of Explorer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction: How to Tap into the Quantum Heart for Happiness and Success.  Known as “Your Law of Attraction Business Coach,” Dr. Alvino has logged thousands of hours of coaching sessions with dozens of clients all over the world.  Media, and anyone seeking an accomplished speaker trainer, may contact him at jim@jimalvino.com for an interview, or a 15-minute complimentary consultation respectively.   

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