Singing For Superheroes Releasing Inspiring Video By Brave 8-Year-Old DBA Fighter Today

Superhero Music Company Singing for Superheroes is releasing inspiring video “Life’s Beautiful” by 8-year-old DBA fighter Audrey Nethery today, December 13. The company is aimed to support little kids suffering from rare illnesses and disorders in their fight for life with empowering music.

Orlando, Florida, December 14, 2016: Singing for Superheroes is releasing an inspiring video by brave 8-year-old DBA fighter Audrey Nethery today. Rightly entitled “Life’s Beautiful”, the video features Audrey herself humming about standing tall despite challenges in her cute adorable voice. She is joined in the video SFS co-founder Grammy Award winner Steven Battey and Kayla C.



Audrey is suffering from a life-threatening bone marrow disorder DBA (Diamond Blackfan Anemia) where the bone marrow cannot develop sufficient RBC required for enough oxygen flow throughout the body. 50% of people suffering from DBA need blood transfusion after every 3-5 weeks to survive. The 8-year-old fighter has had 20 so far and now she is on her way to raise awareness about DBA through her motivational video.

“We are thrilled to release a truly inspiring music video by our little Audrey today. A role model for us all, this 8-year-old valiant fighter suffers from the life-threatening DBA but despite the adversities, she is teaching everybody never to give up and to stay committed to the endeavors for a brighter healthier future. The video is all about that where Audrey is looking forward to spread awareness of the rare bone marrow disorder and trying to gather funding for advanced DBA research, which will hopefully enable the researchers to find the desired cure for this disease. It’s fun and you are sure to be moved by the adorable little one’s cute voice, indomitable spirit and the positive message”, stated Steven Battey, the co-founder of SFS.



SFS is a music company with a difference. Deeply committed to empower children suffering from rare and life-threatening diseases, this superhero music company roots for music to encourage these little ones in their fight for life. Its co-founder Steven Battey is a Grammy Award winning lyricist who has written for top guns like Bruno Mars, Madonna, Justin Bieber etc. He founded SFS this year with Alix Petersen who is renowned in the medical sector for helping kids in need all across the globe. Together Battey & Petersen are on this mission to uplift children with disabilities and illnesses through music & make them feel that they actually matter.

“For us, the actual superheroes are not just any Spiderman or Batman but basically the kids fighting for life. We are aimed to encourage & support them in their tough battles and what better way is there than to do it with music. For us ‘music is medicine’ and we wish to pass it to all the little superheroes like Audrey out there. Together, let us give back actively to those fighters who really need it.”


SFS is here to realize the music wishes for all these kids all across the world through cool community concerts, empowering music videos, targeted multimedia development, studio recordings and online shows especially designed for the valiant superheroes.

“Nothing can stop me…nothing can stop you…” brave Audrey speaks of marching ahead in spite of all obstacles in her empowering video.


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