Exact Model Review – Software That Helps Marketers Solve Their Copywriting Problems

Honolulu HIExact Model is delighted to announce the launch of their new product, an innovative and groundbreaking piece of technology designed to help online entrepreneurs tackle their number one problem in business – copywriting. The software aims to give its users, the best words, and inspiration to write exciting and encouraging sales copy. Designed and implemented from the ground up by professional copywriters, the software is easy to use and should help small businesses with the most effective written communication.

The software has been tested and reviewed by some online entrepreneurs and one reviewer, in particular, has done a full and frank Exact Model Review.

“This product sparked my imagination,” said RK Castillo the reviewer of the product. “I know many friends who are online entrepreneurs, and without fail their biggest hurdle is writing copy that converts like crazy.

 Essentially in our Exact Model Review we found that this product solves those issues and it the equivalent of having two copywriting experts inside your head. The software generates the phrases that are known to convert and in the process help me and my team to gain an understanding of copywriting skills. Not everyone is destined to be an elite copywriter, but it is a valuable skill, which can be learned and will benefit the student for the rest of their life. My selfish hope is that not many people choose to buy this product because the fewer people who use it, the better in my honest opinion. It has the potential to drive any business forward and used correctly can be a real game changer.”

Exact Model is due to launch worldwide between the 14th and 20th December 2016. Click here for more info about the product. The software will retail for $297 which includes 200 done for you Pre-written copy in multiple niches. Also included are upsells and a set of email follow ups.

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