Water System Experts: Company is Helping UK Residents with Filtration Solutions

London— Consumers have recently become increasingly more aware of the toxins found in unfiltered drinking water. While tap water has been commonly perceived as safe, the presence of lead, chlorine, mercury, and other harmful compounds are now widely reported and recognised by most people. While unfiltered water poses a direct health risk to you and your family, this does not mean you should stop drinking water all together.

Water System Experts is a company looking to ease consumer tensions by providing advanced water filtration solutions. The company reviews products and prices offered by the industry leaders in water filtration. Such brands include BRITA, Aqua Optima, PureAire, Ecobud, and DWT.

When looking at water filtration solutions, there is a popular trend among the average consumer. Rather than purchasing an expensive filtration system for tap water, consumers have begun buying water filter jugs in record numbers. These water filter jugs are able to filter out almost all harmful compounds found in typical drinking water. To prove this point, water from filtered jugs has been shown to reduce the chance of gastrointestinal disease by 33%. In addition, there are studies which draw a direct link between filtered drinking water and reduced cases of cancer.

While water filter jugs are clearly an advanced product, many consumers have questioned why they would not just buy more bottled water. In reality, bottled water is often just as contaminated as tap water. While some local water sources are forced to place tight regulations on water quality, these same standards do not exist for bottled water companies. This means these companies often advertise bottled water as clean or safe, when it is actually less safe than some tap water.

In addition to being low quality, bottled water is an astronomical expense when considering tap water costs little to nothing. Consumers looking to save money and protect the health of their family must stay away from bottled water as much as possible. Water filter jugs can provide higher quality water without any expensive upkeep.

Beyond the clear health benefits, consumers also purchase water filter jugs to improve the taste and quality of their drinking water. While tap water is reported to have a dirty and metallic taste, filtered water is quite the opposite. Consumers report that water from filtered jugs tastes even fresher than bottled water.

For more information on the best water filter jugs, consumers are encouraged to consult Water System Experts.

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