Exact Model Has Launched: Three Simple Steps to Create Copy for Your Entire Funnel That Even the World’s Top Copywriters Will Steal From

Exact Model
Exact Model allows you to build an unlimited number of funnels and digital products while removing the hardest part of the process – copywriting.

Do you know that each high-converting copy could cost you much more than a usual version? Most copywriters earn a large sum of money per hour with their high-quality copy. Once someone creates a copy that is well thought out and has a chance at succeeding. They are going to be looking at a minimum investment of 2 to 3 hours. Even a semi-good copywriter could end up making you dip into your pocket for their copy. But Anik and Jimmy can save you all that today with over 240 pieces of copy, yours for LIFE  just get started with Exact Model.

Variety copies inside the software include everything from emails to sales pages, one-time offers and downsells. Now every piece of your funnel is completely covered, including driving traffic to your funnel, the sales pages and even the upsells and downsells.

Powerful features of Exact Model can be summarized as consisting the following:

High Performing Emails                                 

These Emails are created with over 21 years of combined experience and thousands of Emails written.

Powerful Written Sales Letters

When now is the age of Video marketing, too many marketers are ignoring written words – an effective way to sell their product.

Amazing Video Sales Letters

Video sales letter is regarded as practical methods to sell products costing low operating expenditure and large revenue.

Profit Boosting Upsells

The great way to increase your customer value at the very beginning is by adding in a funnel of incredible upsells.

Exact Model offers fantastic converting formula, and pre-written XX upsells for users.

Sales Saving Downsells

Downsells have their formula – They are very simple but have to use the right words. This software assists you in attracting customers to leave with your products.

Users will get 200 fully written templates; that’s written sales letters, video sales letters, upsells, downsells. Plus on top of the 200 models, users get best converting 40 Emails – all fill in the blanks and done for you. Remember that Exact Model requires no royalties, future billing and you can even write copy for others because you have unlimited rights.

Just follow three simple steps by three clicks in ten minutes to create copy for your entire funnel. The selection process includes choosing from 12 categories with over 200 unique sales messages and 40 email templates. Your creative genuineness is proved in the second step, simply fill in the blanks and create high converting sales or email copy in minutes. You will be ready to go in no time in the last step, just export your copy in Word, Text or PDF, paste, and push.

Anik and Jimmy have had the honor of teaching and working with over 100,000 Internet Marketers in the last few years. Recently they did a thorough survey of their students, and they found the following 12 niches. These were not only popular but also the profitable: Internet Marketing, Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Hobby, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, List Building, General Questionaire,…

You can now download a copy for each of these niches and personalize it within just minutes. Each copy has been written with great research and market in mind. They didn’t just blindly use a set of formula inside and make it stretch to all niches. The formula was personalized based on the specific market.

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