Marketing for Professionals: Another Masterpiece From the Pen of Dr. Green

Daryl Green writes an amazing handbook for emerging entrepreneurs in the 21st century

December, US – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform has announced the release of the first edition of Dr. Daryl D. Green’s latest book. In his latest research work, Dr. Green has written an amazing handbook for the working professionals of the 21st century. For those who are tired of their everyday jobs and are not satisfied with what they are doing in life, the book is a masterpiece. Titled as ‘Marketing for Professionals: The Handbook for the Emerging Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century’, the book is a life changing experience. It is now available on amazon ( and the paperback edition has 88 pages.

“The Handbook for Emerging Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century, provides a roadmap for steering clear of marketing landmines by focusing on market opportunities in a systematic fashion. This book doesn’t waste readers’ time with literary fluff, but provides meaningful content to apply.” Says the amazon description of the book. The trailer video of the book explains it easily for everyone to understand its contents.

The book provides a detailed roadmap for steering clear of marketing landmines by focusing on market opportunities in a systematic fashion. The topics covered by Dr. Green in this book includes marketing strategy, competition, new product deployment, marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion), niche markets/segmentation, and marketing analyses.

The book primarily focuses on the needs of today’s young entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals. Just like his other works, Dr. Green has used this book as an excellent motivational tool that gives hope to the aspiring individuals in the industry. It clearly examines the obstacles ahead for any emerging business and also helps them in learning about relevant marketing concepts to grow their businesses. In addition, it teaches ways to determine favorable opportunities.

About the Author

Dr. Daryl Green is an internationally acknowledged author and researcher. He is a professor at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Green writes a syndicated online column and blog. Moreover, he has been quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, Ebony, and BET. Previously, he has worked as an adjunct professor at Lincoln Memorial University and as a faculty member at Knoxville College. Dr. Green has spent more than 20 years helping organizations and thousands of individuals make good decisions through his lectures, seminars, and columns.

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