William Sheldon Martin Teams Up With Universal Language Productions LLC

The Boating With Billy Show Scheduled To Air In 2017

“I spend 364 days a year on the water. My idea of a perfect day is paddling at sunrise, sailing in the afternoon, and surfing in the evening. I am stoked to share all of these experiences on ‘Boating with Billy!”

 ~William Sheldon Martin,

Host of the Boating With Billy Show

Riverton, New Jersey — The CEO of Universal Language Productions, Pierce Alexander Lilholt met with globally renowned sailing legend, Captain William Sheldon Martin to team up for ‘The Boating with Billy Show.’ Both gentlemen discussed the schedule of their upcoming television show for 2017.

“If Billy Martin got any better at sailing, he would still be the best!” said Pierce Alexander Lilholt, The CEO of Universal Language Productions LLC. During the meeting, the website of the show was prepared to be launched for public. In addition, SEO strategies were also discussed. In the discussion held between both gentlemen regarding the upcoming TV Show, Captain Martin expressed his excitement about the launch of ULP TV. The ULP TV streaming service has secured placement for premium featured content of the ‘Boating with Billy Show.’ The show is programmed to kick off in 2017 and fans of Billy Martin are already excited about it.

“The Boating with Billy website is a great destination for sailors and watermen of all passions. I’m all about the water, and if you are too, this website is for you.” Said Captain Martin, the host of ‘Boating with Billy Show.’ Through this show and the ULP TV mobile app to view content on phones and tablets, it is sure to provide sailors with lightweight solutions for entertainment at sea. It is going to be a unique ‘at-home’ experience for sailors and water sports enthusiasts who are away from the sea.

Lilholt Technology Solutions LLC, Nakamisu, and the Web Traffic Brokerage have outlined plans for the Boating With Billy brand and are beginning implementation with online goals set for 2018. “Search Engine Optimization is easy for Billy Martin, because so many people are already searching for his name. We are excited to be working with the Boating with Billy brand.” Said the Authorized Representative of Web Traffic Brokerage present at the occasion. Moreover, Captain Martin’s branding partner, Yellow Star Studios will also play its role in making this show a success.

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