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Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt News on the run with constant updates online is the single most popular news hub offering real time updates on current affairs.  The site is on the World Wide Web bringing the world closer to the current events, situations and conditions in Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Iraq.  The news that is captured and highlighted on the website provides the complete picture of the trends and current affairs.  The site is updated constantly ensuring that the news on any of these places isn’t missed.

While there are many news channels capturing Yemen news, this site focuses on spreading the news to people across the globe.  The easy access and the clear demarcation of the news are of help to follow only the news that one wishes to watch.  Yemen  has been in the news quite often in the recent past.  The site offers real time updates on the progress of the country to betterment.

This site focuses on bridging the connect between the world and Yemen  through the news updates.  The updates are in the video format along with the transcript of the news.  This makes it easier for the people who wish to locate a specific news piece on Egypt or Syria.  The quick updates along with the wide range of topics the site covers is making it a popular choice for those who like to stay informed.  The videos are of good quality with transcripts that can be viewed and shared.  Egypt news, Syria news, Yemen news and Saudi Arabia news are the key highlights of the website offering different segments of news for quick access.

About is an online news portal offering constant updates on the current affairs of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Syria.  The site has news captured on all walks of life enabling people to have real time view of the changing situations around them.  For more details on the news channel visit

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