First Meeting With Divorce Lawyer – What You Need to Know

Largo, FL- December 15, 2016- You’ve made the call and scheduled the appointment. The first available time was Friday at 3. It is now Wednesday at 11. That means that you have 2 full days to mull over your decision, change your mind 1000 times, and somehow try to keep from bursting into tears over the way your husband holds his fork. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, divorce is ranked as one of the top most stressful life events, second only to the death of a spouse, and waiting for the initial consultation is the single most stressful part of divorce. It is time full of uncertainty, fear, and remorse, where you are barely alive in some sort of weird purgatory where nothing is as it seems. So how do you survive until your appointment time? 

Florida divorce and family law attorney Jarica Cairns understands just how stressful meeting a divorce lawyer for the first time can be.”The best way to combat pre-divorce stress syndrome is to focus on what you want your post-divorce life will be like and to use this time to prepare for your meeting by writing down a list of questions you want to ask the attorney. The attorney will likely ask you questions about your spouse, children, finances, and goals, so be prepared to answer those questions as well.” she advises. “Your initial consultation with a divorce attorney will simply be a ‘getting to know you’ session, where you ask and answer questions, get clarity on the process, and determine if you and that specific attorney are a good fit. ” 

She encourages those meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time to keep in mind that they don’t have to make a decision of any sort during that first meeting. According to attorney online marketing firm, Mark My Words Media, 72% of people who research divorce attorneys only contact 1 attorney, and 87% hire that attorney. Attorney Cairns stresses the importance of being one of the 23% who explores their options. 

“Getting a divorce is a re-organization of your life, and you need the best possible partner on your side. Meet with 2-3 local attorneys, ask questions, and choose the one that you feel is best prepared to get the best possible results for you.” However, she warns against going too far in the opposite direction. “Don’t let exploring your options turn into a way to delay the inevitable. Set a goal for how many attorneys you want to meet with and a time frame for making your decision. If you still can’t decide on an attorney after doing your due diligence, there may be something emotional holding you back, and you may need to reevaluate why you are seeking divorce.”

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