Kelly Capital Helping Home Sellers With FAST CASH On Private Mortgage Notes

Kelly Capital assures to help with fast sizable cash on private owner financed mortgage notes and other contractual obligations like business note, structured settlements and annuities, lotteries and gaming rewards etc.

West Seneca, NY, December 15, 2016: Owning private mortgage notes initially seem to be a great deal for home sellers who sell their homes with seller financing. However, the little installments from the buyer are never sufficient when the seller needs a lump sum cash to meet his pricey expenses. But here comes a good news, Kelly Capital has assured the desired FAST CASH on private owner financed mortgage notes just when the seller need it the most. Although based in Buffalo yet the company is flexible for purchases nationwide.

“It’s wise to own private mortgage note as it assures a steady flow of payments every month. But what when you have a sudden cash emergency like unforeseen clinical expenses? Such situations demand immediate lump sum cash flow that those petty monthly installments cannot meet. And this is where Kelly Capital comes as your lifesaver. We promise to have your back with our immediate fast cash when you need a sizeable cash support through the sale of your private mortgage note. Our team of seasoned buyer-investors is ready to help you by purchasing the whole note balance just outright or if you want, we will buy a fraction of your mortgage note or a part of the income stream. In any option that you choose, you will have our ready cash for you”, stated Sean Kelly, the man behind Kelly Capital.

A veteran cash flow investor since 1994, Sean Kelly is your cash-flow investor with a difference. He personally speaks to all his clients so that they can have a clearer hang of the entire situation directly from a seasoned investor. Unlike other investor companies, Kelly Capital does not make its clients talk to call center representatives who are usually hard to understand over the phone.

“We value our clients and when we say we are here to help them in times of need, we actually mean it. What differentiates us from other investor companies around is that we talk to our clients directly as we know call center representatives are not only hard to understand- but also they don’t hold the expertise as held by an investor. I personally talk to each of my clients and take to detailed discussions to find out the most compatible solution for their specific situations. In case, I am unable to purchase their project, I assist my clients with an honest evaluation of their situation & steer them in the best possible alternate direction.”

Kelly Capital does not pose any limit on the size of transaction. Sean holds an extensive network with several other cash-flow investors who are willing to do joint ventures on sensible projects.

Added to private mortgage notes, Sean’s company is flexible to buy owner financed business note, structured settlements and annuities, lotteries and gaming rewards, and many other contractual obligations. The firm also provides immediate financial assistance for senior life settlement & inheritance advance.

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