7 Real Shutterbugs Taking Instagram To Its Basics With Splendid Mobile Phone Photos

In the midst of DSLR shots and heavily edited posts, 7 real shutterbugs are inspiring Instagrammers to get to the basic of Instagram through their mobile-phone edit-free posts on the site which are pulling in massive numbers of followers.

Singapore, December 15, 2016: Speak of Instagram posts today and you mostly have average shots pretending to look pricey with heavy edits or DSLR tricks. But amidst all such pretensions there are still a handful of Instagram accounts fetching as many as 50+K followers and that too with captures recorded on the regular mobile phone. @8lo__ol8 (Khairul Nizam) is one such account which along with other 6 real shutterbugs is inspiring other Instagrammers to get back to the basics of Instagram with mobile phone photos, that can actually echo the actual expertise of the photographer without inclining to the usual heavy editing tactics.

“Instagram was initially started with the basic idea of taking photos with mobile phone and posting them with minimal post process or editing. Unfortunately, most of the Instagram accounts completely undermine the main essence of the site and they cannot think of posting without DSLR shots or complicated editing, that somewhere rips out or clouds the original beauty and innocence of a capture. It’s a wrong notion that photos captured in mobile phones cannot command followers. If you have mastered the art right, your posts, even those taken from mobile phones, are bound to be followed and that too in volumes”, remarked Nizam whose Instagram account (@8lo__ol8 ) shows a whooping 55K followers.


Interestingly, Khairul just uses one iOS pre-shot filter in his iPhone 6S Plus to churn out the delightful imageries garnering rave response on his Instagram account. He does not take to any editing after he takes his shots.

Next to Nizam, @8lo__ol8, mention must be made of @​hun.stephanie​ which too shows that you can still have great captures and massive number of followers even when you do not depend on editing apps. The account flaunts marvelous vibrant pictures of beaches, sunset, rocks and waterbodies- all taken by simple mobile phone and posted without editing help. It is followed by a huge volume of 1295 followers.



The other 5 such inspiring Instagram accounts are:

@​vaniahosen​, followed by 630 followers; ​ @​lenamolander​, followed by 495 followers; @happyvalleygrrrl, followed by 421 followers; @​kingajphotos​, followed by 278 followers and @​linahkamal, followed by 256 followers.

Be it lush greenery or gushing waterfalls or magnificently lit-up city at night or human emotions or the sparkling sun or serene waterside, these 7 Instagram accounts show how a simple photo capture on mobile phone can produce spectacular shots which are no less than photos taken with DSLR or processed with too much editing.

“Most of the Instagrammers today are trying to heighten the stake with DSLRs and the easy availability of so many photo editing apps like Enlight or Snapseed have further worsened the situation. But in doing so people are completely forgetting the fact that Instagram was launched with the idea of a simple platform where you will share your experiences through photos taken with your phone. It would be better if they could have the guts to battle it out with real pros at 500 px. Let’s bunk the myth that Instagram only means DSLR snaps or heavy editing processing. It’s high time that we should get back to the roots of Instagram to preserve the basic essence of our favorite networking site.”

To check out Khairul’s amazing Instagram posts, visit https://www.instagram.com/8lo__ol8

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