Malware Resistant Online Backup Company, reevert, Releases v.1.8.0

LOS ANGELES, CA – 12/16/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Reevert, a leading provider of online backup and security software designed to prevent and protect against ransomware attacks, has just launched their latest firmware update, Reevert version 1.8.0. This is the first major update in a while, and introduces a variety of new improvements that make the service more secure and easy to use than ever before.

What’s New in Reevert Version 1.8.0

The new firmware update has introduced some major changes to Reevert, assisting their small and medium business customers to better protect their data against ransomware attacks and other risks. Some of the changes introduced in version 1.8.0 include:

  • A redesigned admin panel interface. Reevert’s admin panel interface has undergone a total overhaul. The new web-based interface has been redesigned to provide a better user experience that’s more intuitive and easier for users to master. They have also improved support for use on smartphones, tablets, and other devices with small screens.
  • Improvements to the “Sync Remote Shares” feature. Reevert’s “Sync Remote Shares” feature allows the platform to function as a backup appliance. Sync Remote Shares now supports file syncing using Robocopy or Rsync. Robocopy allows Reevert to preserve NTFS file ownerships and security attributes. Sync remote shares is also now able to support existing destination shares.
  • Credential Manager. Credential Manager is a central repository of network credentials.  This module enables Sync Remote Shares to support multi-domain environments and also enables the network discovery system to be able to utilize multiple credentials.
  • Core and Helper Component updates. Multiple core and helper components of Reevert’s firmware have been updated, fixed, or improved, enhancing Reevert’s performance and reliability.


Protecting Small and Midsize Businesses Against Ransomware Attacks

Reevert is a data and backup storage solution designed to provide extra protection against ransomware attacks, one of the most serious contemporary security threats to small and midsize businesses. This virtual storage appliance uses Amazon S3 based cloud backup capabilities to provide secure off-site data backups. With seamless hourly backups, it keeps important information stored in a safe location, so that it can be quickly restored in the wake of a ransomware attack or another disaster that wipes out locally stored data.

The central web-based dashboard, recently redesigned for better usability, provides users with information about the Reevert appliance’s performance, drawing the user’s attention to relevant information. “Shares” are network folders where users can store their files securely, and Reevert takes automatic hourly “snapshots” to keep the data up to date. If there’s a data breach or another problem, users can revert files to any previous snapshot.

The recent improvements to Reevert have improved its ease of use, making it more accessible and intuitive for the SMBs that use it.

About Reevert: Reevert is a storage solution designed for maximum protection against malware attacks, created to meet the unique security needs of small to midsize businesses.

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