Local Lakeland Landscaping Firm Introduces New Custom Landscape Services

High-end landscaping firm, Landscapers of Lakeland, announce the introduction of their services to residents, businesses and property owners.

Lakeland, TN – High-end landscaping firm, Landscapers of Lakeland, announce the introduction of their services to residents, businesses and property owners. These services include lawn care, landscape architecture, custom pools, and backyard ponds, among others. Their specialties in this industry feature bringing property owner visions into life through productive and professional means.

Landscapers of Lakeland spokesperson, Landon Knight, says that, “The services we offer transform your property’s outdoors into something truly attention grabbing and unique.” He adds that, “This is accomplished through specialized services designed to yield excellent results. This is irrespective of whether you are looking for plant assistance, water works, lawn care and rock work among others. Expertise and experience bring you a finished product that has noticeable results and which creates an environment you are searching for.”

Residential landscaping was the service that this firm kicked off with. This firm began as a residential landscaping company and in which it has the widest expertise and experience. This does not imply that expertise and experience does not apply to other areas. It merely illustrates the level of experience, the firm has within this sector. Another area involves commercial landscaping whose services are dedicated to making business properties appealing.

The firms specializes in a wide range of activities covering the seed and sod, weeding, mowing, and trimming, among others. Landscape architecture involves highly specialized services where projects consist of designs that turn large public spaces into highly traversable and usable spaces for the public. Custom landscaping involves taking the idea a client has in their mind, filtering it with the assistance of landscaping professionals and conversion of this image into reality. In a way, this is making client dreams come true.

Flowerbed services feature adding a flower bed where one did not exist before or removing one. It features bringing in additives and toppings that make a garden. For custom pools, services include creating walkways, adding features such as fencing among a myriad of other features. Products become things visitors are amazed by. Backyard ponds are created to become a place for reflection. They can also serve as outdoor aquariums.

For any further information that regards the services Landscapers of Lakeland provide, contact the offices any time within operation hours and speak with knowledgeable and friendly staff members. This is irrespective of whether you require asking landscaping questions, schedule an appointment for consultations or to find out other services provided. To see examples of the professional landscaping projects completed by Landscapers of Lakeland, visit their Google+ Page


Company Info

Landscapers of Lakeland is located at 9570 Sequoia Point Cove in Lakeland, Tennessee (38002). The landscaping company can be reached via phone at (901) 842-9059, or from their company website, http://www.landscapersoflakeland.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: Landscapers of Lakeland
Contact Person: Landon Knight
Email: landscapersoflakeland@gmail.com
Phone: (901) 842-9059
Address:9570 Sequoia Point Cove
City: Lakeland
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Website: http://www.landscapersoflakeland.com/