Control Results | Pioneer In Fitness Industry Continues To Celebrate Its Success

Melbourne, Florida– ‘Control Results – Personalized Training’ is a gym made to fit around anyone’s lifestyle regardless of age, body type or fitness level discriminations if any. Thriving in a larger than life community, this fitness center has been delivering results for several years now.

Throughout their membership, clients have reportedly shared a different success story. Each one of these journeys is equally inspiring, but different in narrative because the facility itself oversees members from all walks of life.

The combined result is reflective of a person’s struggle to either be a single parent who wakes at the break of dawn when the neighborhood is stuck in their beds, an entrepreneur who observes the virtue of consistency through exercise, or the wife who is strong enough to support her spouse in times of need – there are relatable elements for anyone who walks in for the first time.

Since its inception in 2009, ‘Control Results’ offers a homely environment that encourages clients to feel welcome to beyond the average weight scale nutrition programs, or cookie cutter formula that never works the same way. Not only does the owner & CEO: Adam Dickenson, but also the trainers share the same ideology and belief, i.e. for every person who steps in, there is a unique and personalized nutrition and exercise plan which is meant to deliver results at its own pace, and in its own style.

The efforts at client-trainer level eventually show up when after successful transformation, a client bids farewell to the other members –  a new lifestyle begins and persists forever hence keeping fitness, mental alertness, and physical persona at optimized levels.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of trainers at ‘Control Results’, the gym offers more than what’s said on the tin. It highlights a long range of different workouts comprising over circuit training, weight training and cardiovascular training. More so, the gym strives to cater to the needs of its members through personalized fitness programs.

Interested members can visit the official ‘Control Results’ website at: today.

Despite of its immense track record, CEO Adam Dickenson believes that ‘Control Results’ still has a long way to go. Through simple, challenging and intuitive diet and training regimen, this gym has been known to deliver realistic results in a very realistic setting, rather than upselling the conventional dream of chiseled abs or that “bodacious booty” in 14 days time!

There’s no substitute for hard work!

About Adam Dickenson:

Adam Dickenson alludes his creativity and knack for personal fitness to a diverse portfolio. He has been affiliated with the health and fitness industry for over a decade, long enough to be able to see people either fail or succeed at achieving results. Now, as the founder and owner of ‘Control Results’, Adam continues to reshape his clients’ lives by offering personalized training programs through realistic goal setting and guaranteed long lasting results.


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