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There are more vehicles on the roads in America than ever before and a higher number of accidents to go with it. More than two million people are involved in collisions annually, resulting in an estimated 1.3 million fatalities and as many as 50 million injuries including those that cause disability. It is not uncommon for drivers to feel confident that they are safe from accidents because they are exceptional drivers. The reality is that most of us are average drivers who are limited in our ability to prevent other drivers from putting us in harm’s way. When another driver causes an accident that results in an injury or fatality, an experienced Dayton work accident lawyer knows what evidence is required and the steps to take to get the victim of the accident the financial compensation they need to treat their injuries and pay their bills.

Personal Vehicles VS Work Vehicles

Any time an accident causes an injury to an individual that prevents them from earning an income, their life becomes turned upside down. If they are driving their personal vehicle at the time the accident occurs, they will be left to pay for any medical treatment they need on top of their normal monthly bills. If the victim of the accident is driving a company vehicle or they are using their personal vehicle to provide a service for their employer, they may be eligible to obtain worker’s compensation. For severe injuries, worker’s comp often falls short of covering all of their losses. Kevin Attkisson ( is an experienced Dayton work accident lawyer and auto accident attorney who is familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use to keep from paying personal injury victims who are suffering due to the actions or inactions of the insurance company’s clients.

Why Insurance Coverage Isn’t Enough

Worker’s compensation, health insurance, and auto insurance are all in place to relieve the financial burden when things go wrong and an individual is no longer able to work. The worst mistake an individual can make is in believing that the insurance company wants to pay the money that they are obligated to pay. If they can find a way out of paying; they will. That is why victims of personal injury need an experienced Dayton work accident lawyer and auto accident attorney with a successful track record like Kevin Attkisson on their side. The attorneys from the Attkisson Law Firm are the hard hitters who will negotiate a reasonable settlement from the insurance companies so that the victim of a personal injury is not victimized yet again.

About Attkisson Law Firm

Attkisson Law Firm ( is a personal injury law firm serving the greater Dayton, Ohio area. Attorney Kevin Attkisson has handled thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients. His expertise in dealing with insurance companies and an in-depth understanding of personal injury law makes him the best choice during a frustrating and confusing time. The Attkisson Law Firm is a 2016 “10 Best” rated law firm by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and they are “The Heavy Hitters” that clients need to win against insurance companies.

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