Creative Concepts Group Rolls Out Much-Anticipated Business Finance Suite

Sheridan, WY– Creative Concepts Group is proud to announce the release of a first-of-its-kind cash and credit access system, which provides business owners with easy access to all kinds of financing options for their businesses.

The Business Finance Suite helps business owners tap into thousands of financing sources, while it affords the most extensive access to financing streams than any other stand-alone system in the world. What’s more, the Business Finance Suite also gives access to the largest supply of financial products that is currently available on the market.

“Access to money has always been one of the biggest challenges a business owner faces,” said Mr. Rob Mann, CEO of Creative Concepts Group. He continued, “Through the Business Finance Suite, entrepreneurs can quickly access the cash and credit they need to grow their business.”

The Business Finance Suite grants unprecedented access to money for business owners, as virtually every type of known legitimate financing source is available through the suite. In addition to Business Credit, the Business Finance Suite also provides access to the largest database of vendor and revolving account sources who offer business credit, requiring no personal guarantee or personal credit check.

That essentially translates to business owners being able to secure credit for their businesses without the personal liability associated with a personal guarantee, thus making it easy for even those business owners that have been particularly affected by the current economic climate to secure credit.

“Our clients can easily be approved for well over $50,000 in business credit within their first 6 months using the Business Finance Suite. And this credit is with major merchants business owners frequently use including companies such as Apple, Target, even Wal-Mart” said Mr. Mann.

Business credit; SBA loans, including SBA 7a and 504 loans; factoring loans; equipment loans; credit lines; merchant cash advances; 401k financing; securities-based lines of credit, and many more financing options are also available through the Business Finance Suite.

“Now business owners have access to all real cash and credit sources for their business in one place,” said Mr. Mann.

The Business Finance Suite also makes for a useful tool in helping business owners go through the initial steps of setting up their business, allowing them to ensure they are approved for financing.

Business owners can even acquire an excellent business credit score, right through the Business Finance Suite, as well as secure new financing, enjoying The Business Finance Suite’s one-click access feature and easy online approvals.

Furthermore, one of the main benefits of The Business Finance Suite is concierge coaching, which is provided by a certified Business Advisor and Finance Officer.

Creative Concepts Group boasts an elite staff of coaches who help business owners access the cash and credit they need to grow their businesses. These advisors commonly have two or more decades of experience in helping business owners obtain capital and build credit.

The aforementioned concierge coaching services include guiding business owners through the financing approval process, ensuring they get approved and quickly receive their money.

The company is proud to have seen, firsthand, how The Business Finance Suite has already become the leading, all-inclusive tool that grants business owners access to the funds they need to grow and expand their businesses.

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