New book “Chronicles From The Future” reveals most fascinating true-life account of time travelling and reincarnation

Popular Greek columnist and editor Achilleas Sirigos’ new book on Amazon accounts the incredible tale of a Swiss-Austrian teacher’s true-life story of time travelling into the future a century ago.

Athens, Greece, December 16, 2016: Stories of reincarnation and time-travelling are not new and they have been depicted time and again in countless books and films. But a newly published book on Amazon “Chronicles From The Future” has taken these metaphysical incidents to a whole new level by revealing a true-life story of time travelling into the future. Edited by esteemed Greek columnist Achilleas Sirigos, the unique book shares the exclusive observations of Paul Amadeus Dienach as a reincarnated soul, which astonishingly bears resemblance to many of the happenings in the present era.

Do you know that a good lot of recent issues plaguing the world in the new millennium- such as overpopulation, ecological destruction of environment, economic inequality etc. – were predicted by Dienach almost a century ago? No, Paul Amadeus Dienach (1886-1924) was no wizard. He was just a simple Swiss-Austrian teacher with fragile health who suddenly went to a year-long coma in 1921 & it’s during this comatose stage his consciousness supposedly slid straight to 3906 A.D. – as another man named Andreas Northam. When he regained consciousness in 1922, he realized that he had little time left and thus he began noting down whatever he could remember from his surreal experience while in the coma.


“We have come across several stories of reincarnation and time-travelling but Dienach’s accounts are surely one of the most fascinating metaphysical events recorded. The book is all about his observations about the history of mankind in forthcoming centuries that he jotted down in his diary after he woke up from the coma. From several issues & events that we have been facing today, like the plight of overpopulation, World Wars, world-changing globalization to even setting up a colony on Mars and the next stage of human evolution, Dienach witnessed everything in his time-travel as the reincarnated Andreas Northam. Yes, it might sound impossible yet his incredible observations were taken quite seriously by Freemasons and for a long time they had kept it as a sacred closely-guarded secret. It was previously published in Greek but I felt that everybody around must know about this phenomenal world heritage and hence I penned the Greek version in English”, stated Achilleas Sirigos, who had received the Greek version of the book from his brother.



Dienach didn’t share his bizarre and incredible metaphysical observations with anyone during his lifetime. But just before he died, he handed his diary to his favorite student George Papachatzis, who later rose to prominence as a revered professor of Law & Rector at Pantenion University. The diary circulated as guarded knowledge among high ranking masons in Athens lodges, and in 1972, Papachatzis published the diary in Greek, in spite of intense dispute.



“Whether you believe in Dienach’s accounts or not, is completely up to your discretion. But the best part about the diary is that it has predicted a peaceful society worldwide for the future. It might sound utopian, but then again it speaks of a welcome undying hope, and in a time where little hope is left for the mankind.”

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