Greenful Products Introduces Innovative EcoSplatterScreen for Eco-Friendly Households

COEUR D’ALENE, ID – 12/16/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Greenful Products, a family-like owned and managed business, recently launched its Eco Platter Screen which is a great product for practical consumers who value their environment. 

This EcoSplatterScreen has earned the rating as the most popular silicone screen sold in the market today. It is ideal for simple cooking and frying or sautéing meat, vegetables and eggs. 

Owner and co-founder Marta Greenfield said, “We are committed to fulfill our promise of offering valued customers premium quality and eco-friendly merchandise that will simplify their lives along with rewarding customer service experience making them feel like members of the family.”

Benefits of Eco Platter Screen

Greenful Products considered the safety of homeowners using the EcoSplatterScreen. It will protect users from harmful and unpleasant grease splatter while frying on the oven or range. 

The device is free from Bisphenol A or BPA which is an organic artificial compound with chemicals which can be harmful to humans. It is non-toxic and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The screen’s high-grade silicone can resist heat up to 500 degrees. It can be cleaned using the dishwasher without staining, stinking or getting deformed. 

This remarkable kitchen tool allows air as well as vapor to flow through freely. It can fit over pans with measurement of below 13 inches. 

This kitchen implement has a handle that can be folded for easy storage with good-looking gray shade that matches usual kitchen wall colors.  Besides, the EcoSplatterScreen of Greenful Products comes with a 100 percent product satisfaction warranty. 

It is a complete kitchen staple that many customers love because of the features and advantages. 

No Mess Cooking

With the EcoSplatterScreen, users are assured that their cooking does not have to be untidy at all. The top of the stove can be washed without any difficulty. Compared to other brands, there is no danger of the meat or bacon getting burned because of the intense heat. The screen’s splatter guard protects the person cooking from getting scalded by the hot handle. There is no risk of getting painful burns. 

The amazing product from Greenful Products is ideal for chefs, kitchen gadget collectors or housewives with hectic schedules. This EcoSlatterScreen is trouble-free in terms of cleaning and storage. It only requires ordinary dishwashing detergent and water or using the modern dishwashing equipment makes everything less complicated. Indeed, many consumers who bought the merchandise call it a kitchen wonder.

Marta Greenfield also describes their product as a very unique commodity with a lot of features that will certainly benefit buyers.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Accessories

The company knows choosing ecological-responsive implements and utensils is a money-saver. Eco-friendly means the product does not cause any harm to the earth or ecological system. It is sustainable in the sense that it ensures benefits for people economically, environmentally and socially. This is also a healthy option. Said commodities are considered protected from the removal of materials for production, use and disposal. 

In fact, some of these products such as the EcoSplatterScreen help consumers preserve energy and reduce carbon footprints. These do not generate considerable contamination or pollution of the surroundings. A good number of these items are recyclable or biodegradable so these do not affect ecological balance during disposal procedures. 

Use of such utensils contributes to preservation of the ecosystem. The rate objects or equipment are being manufactured, utilized and thrown away is taking place at a very fast pace. If people do not help or try to shift to green alternatives, there will come a point when the whole world will be engulfed by poison and pollution. Moreover, the recycling industry cannot be sustained given that there is not much demand for recycling of products. 

The overall effect will not be good as there can be severe shortage of energy and valuable resources. Energy will be wasted in running energy-efficient equipment along with the production of new materials and machineries. 

Buy and Use Eco-Friendly Goods

Consumers are encouraged and advised to purchase these eco-friendly goods from traditional stores and e-commerce sites. One typical example is the EcoSplatterScreen of Greenful products. There are green product portals and online directories where consumers can see the list of these items and trademarks. 

Likewise, the public is urged to read reviews of said merchandise that come from readers, consumers and industry observers. This will help them determine which products are of good quality, offer value for money, and are absolutely environmentally-friendly. While there will be disapproval of these products from some individuals and groups, all the information will still help buyers come up with positive purchasing decisions. 

About the Greenfield Products 

Greenfield Products is located in the gently sloping hills of Northern Idaho founded by two enterprising friends, Marta Greenfield and Asia Kaczor who both nurture a passion for providing consumers with environmental-friendly and excellent products. The EcoSplatterScreen is a superb solution for busy homemakers who also have to devote their time to growing kids. They promise to come up with products that will satisfy the public, and will always remain an advocate of the Green Concept that is truly beneficial to people.

For interested customers, check out the website of Greenful Products at

Their office is located at 3347 West Thorndale Loop, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho 83815 or send any email at or call telephone numbers 209 596 0898. 

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