Chengdu Is Selected as One of 27 Must-visit Tourist Destinations in 2017 and Becomes the Only One In the Whole Nation


Recently, Chengdu is selected to be one of 21 must-visit tourist destinations in 2017, which is newest launched by the tourist magazine, National Geographic Traveler issued by National Geographic Society, and becomes the only one tourist destination on the list in our country. It is known that the editor of this magazine carefully chose 7 tourist destinations and classified them into three kinds: city, nature and culture. Chengdu was listed as the culture type of tourist destination together with other tourist destinations including Kanton Uri in Switzerland, Georgia State in America, cradle of mankind in South Africa, etc. The urban vitality, historical civilization and food culture in Chengdu are the reasons why it is on the list.

John Krich, the famous columnist and the winner of Hemingway Award, said, “The vibrant Chengdu is becoming the source of Chinese vitality.” This magazine strengthens that Chengdu is the center of rapid development in western China. As the city joining “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Yangtze River Economic Belt”, Chengdu actively follows the “One Belt One Road” strategy.

At the same time, it can be still seen that the history and modern civilization add radiance and beauty to each other in Chengdu. As an ancient city with over 2000 years of history, Chengdu owns 5 world heritages and is one of 24 famous historic and cultural cities firstly published by the State Council. It keeps the oldest urban heritages in Asia. “Although Chengdu is not the most typical city for experiencing exotic oriental cultures, it is the only one city whose name, location and main layout are not changed from beginning to end in China in over 2000 years.”

The reasons why Chengdu is on the list also include its food culture. In recent years, as Chengdu is the birthplace and center of Sichuan cuisine, the feature “one dish on one grid, 100 tastes for 100 dishes” of Sichuan cuisine and the distinct characteristic and absorbing style of food culture in Chengdu make this city card understood, known and loved by more and more people. In 2010, Chengdu was officially approved to join the Creative Cities Network of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization). Since then, it becomes the first world “gourmet capital” in Asia.

There are over 30 restaurants of “Chinese famous snacks”, 13 restaurants of “China time-honored brands”, and over 10 famous food streets such as Wide and Narrow Valley, Jinli and Wenshufang. Except for Sichuan cuisine, no matter it is the cuisines outside the province, such as Cantonese cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and Hunan cuisine, or the catering brands in the countries and regions such as America, Italy, Germany, France, Thailand, Korea and Japan successively become one part of this “gourmet capital” and provide more choices for the citizens and tourists.

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