Popla Online Raises Awareness of the Harm of Plain Packaging, Advocates Free Speech

San Francisco, CA – Popla Online, a website providing political commentary and information, champions freedom of speech and choice for all individuals. The blog aims to raise awareness of unjust and inadequate government practices to help readers stay informed and challenge decisions made the government that are not evidence-based.

Some have dubbed the current state of the world a “post-truth” era, and within the world of politics especially, many find it difficult to discern what is in fact truthful within the messages being relayed to the public. There is often outcry of politicians and media sources attempting to push agendas that are solely self-benefitting, and individuals may often feel as if their freedom of speech is being trampled upon by the conflicting messages spread by these various authority figures. Honesty is valued by most, if not all, but finding voices that advocate for true freedom of choice and freedom of speech can prove difficult.

Popla Online gives a voice to all individuals who value freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and truth. Made up of a team of collaborative Libertarian writers, the blog works to advocate for the rights of citizens and raise awareness of over-regulation by the government. One awareness effort by Popla Online is their raising awareness plain packaging, which many argue is an issue that deserves more attention and deserves to be further explored.

The creators behind the blog share various articles and blog posts to inform readers of troublesome issues within the political sphere, raising awareness about inadequate practices by the government within nanny states. An issue heavily explored by the site is that of plain packaging, and how it threatens the health of brands, freedom of choice, and human rights. Popla Online advocates strongly for informed opinions of what is going on within the political system. The website challenges unilateral decisions made by the government that lack evidence, and calls for like-minded individuals to follow their site and gain knowledge on important issues. 

“We seek to inform,” one Popla Online writer says. “We speak our minds, and our goal here is to speak truth to power.”

Writing to raise awareness about plain packaging as well as other relevant political issues, Popla Online advocates freedom of expression and truth as they share their knowledge on the workings of the government and its problematic aspects. Opening its arms to like-minded individuals, or those looking to make informed choices about important issues, Popla Online champions for those looking for a voice to speak truth.

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