Sprint Social Enables Accepting Payments For Anything And Anywhere Without An E-Commerce Setup

Sprint Social

Sprint Social is a new WordPress plug-in which has started offering a quick and convenient way of accepting payments. Without even having an e-commerce setup, traders can now easily sell and carry out transactions for their physical and digital goods and services. The software helps marketers to generate payment links which they can drop anywhere on the web.

By using this plug-in, as a dealer, one can make the entire internet his storefront. The software automatically takes his products and services to potential consumers who are scattered across various web platforms. Not only are traders now free from driving the traffic back to their website, but they are even relieved from taking all possible efforts to make their e-commerce popular.

According to the CEO of Sprint Social, “Our consumers can place the links anywhere they want. We will automate its sharing across various popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. No matter what kind of a product or service our customers are involved in, they can use us to get paid through our easy to distribute payment links.

Regardless of how well-maintained a site is, just with a WordPress domain, a dealer can generate unique payment links for their physical commodities, digital goods and services. All that is needed is a WordPress account, a PayPal account and few minutes to build and share a link for purchasing.

The trader needs to set price, a number of available stock and description for his product and add a downloadable file in case of digital products and support it with an image for generating the link. Once this is done, he needs to drop the generated Sprint Social payment link anywhere on the web and simply watch his link getting viral. Further, not only can this be shared across the social media platforms, but even with private customers, personalized network and followers too.

In the words of the Media Executive of the company, “Traders availing our service can be free from worrying about safety issues. Sprint Social takes purchasers directly to PayPal for a safe and hassle-free payment process. Once the sale is recorded in the database, the goods are set to be delivered. We aim in making the payment process between customers and sellers smooth and free from woes.

The software is known for providing a set of amazing features to its clients. It enables a unique way of tracking link across various platforms with analytics to determine the performance across various sites. It even provides custom shortcode for sharing the generated payment link in blog posts. Traders can automatically share their new links on these platforms with personalized text on the download page, supported with a custom message for consumers.

John Martin, a customer of this company believes, “Ever since I have availed the service of Sprint Social, my business has earned a new reputation for itself. I have got thousands of customers through them and I must say that their links are the secret to boost up any sales!”

Whether it is dealing with software, e-books, freelancing services, coaching training materials, or limited items and physical goods; anything and everything can have payments through this software. It is with such features that this softwarebridges the need of having an e-commerce setup for getting payments for their goods.

About the company:

Sprint Social is a WordPress Plug-in which adds the easiest and fastest way to sell any product or service digitally. What makes this company more popular is the fact that traders are free from having any e-commerce store too. With just a WP domain, a dealer can easily escalate his business to profit maximization by gaining more buyers. The payment links that the software generates is shared across various social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Thus, no matter where consumers hang out, they are bound to avail the service.

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