Tech Pats Announces New Expert Witness Services for IP Litigation Support

Glenside, PA—Tech Pats, a leader in the business of intellectual property (IP) protection, has just announced a new expert witness service for their IP litigation support. Tech Pats specializes in providing professional guidance and support services in complex patent litigation cases and management. With the release of their new expert witnesses service, Tech Pats has even more to offer in safeguarding IP claim defense and providing detailed patent infringement analysis.

With the rise of e-commerce and the ensuing explosion of business and products flooding the market, what was already a complex field in intellectual property management has become that much more variegated and unwieldy. To navigate the changing realm of intellectual property management, businesses must pull together expert guidance from specialists in wide-ranging fields. Otherwise they risk losing the chance for financial gain, or in the worst-case scenario, facing a courtroom decision that leaves the company or client in financial ruin.

Tech Pats offers the expert guidance and support services that corporations, investors, attorneys and business owners require to navigate the complex field of intellectual property services and management. They work to ensure that companies are maximizing their revenue potentials by providing in-depth analysis of their patent portfolio development and management and offering patent monetization services. In addition, they give expert advice to companies on strategies for protecting valuable intellectual property and monitoring potential infringers.

The new expert witness’s services that Tech Pats now offers can guarantee that not only will clients enter the courtroom prepared with the appropriate team of technical, legal, and patent experts, they will also have the vital testifying expert witness who can change the direction of a case. Clients can feel secure in their knowledge that their IP claim defenses will hold up in any courtroom. Expert witnesses can also strengthen any claims that Tech Pats’ clients might need to pursue, depending on the outcome of the patent infringement analysis. The experts on the support teams can include engineers, analysts, attorneys, paralegals, and registered patent agents, all of whom work under the direct supervision of the leading expert consultant and their litigation attorneys. Tech Pats has an extensive history of drafting expert declarations, reports, and presentations, in addition to providing deposition and trial testimony, for a diverse range of clients in a variety of different industries.

In addition to the services that they offer in intellectual property management and patent litigation, Tech Pats is also able to assure clients that they can save both time and money by using their services. The expert consultants and litigation attorneys at Tech Pats work hard to ensure that their services are delivered in a timely manner, and they provide these services at a considerable cost advantage to their clients. With their expert guidance and the new expert witness services, Tech Pats well positioned to provide the patent litigation services that clients require in today’s vast and complex field of intellectual property management.

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