Allison Restagno’s New Book, Modern-Day Salvation Encounters, Hits 3 Amazon Best Seller Lists

“Modern-Day Salvation Encounters,” with 40 dramatic true stories, was released last week by best-selling author Allison Restagno, quickly claiming Number One Amazon Best Seller in the U.S.A. and Canada in the “Faith” category.
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As author and speaker, Allison C. Restagno, published her new book, Modern-Day Salvation Encounters, it climbed rapidly on three highly competitive Amazon Best Seller lists in the “Christian Living” department and gained first-place listing in four categories’ Hot New Releases.  In the U.S., the book reached Number One in “Faith” and fifteen in “Inspirational,” ahead of well-established, popular books. In Canada, it claimed top position in “Faith” in both the Kindle Store and Books. It broke the top 10 in Faith Books in the U.K., as well, and was still climbing as of this writing.

The impressive endorsements for the book clearly express why the book became an instant hit. As multi-medal-winning Bahamian Olympian, Chris “Fireman” Brown, exclaims, “If you haven’t dared read Modern-Day Salvation Encounters, you’ve missed out on your own ‘Golden Moment.’ There is FIRE in these testimonies! This is a ‘GOTTA READ!’ Five Olympic Thumbs Up!”

Reviewers have already acknowledged the variety, widespread appeal, and intense reality of these dramatic accounts, many with nothing short of the miraculous. For example, author, speaker and Founder of Sweet Bread Ministries, Bruce Van Natta, endorsed the book saying:

“The testimonies in this book prove that people’s encounters with God are as varied as people are themselves, but the net result is always the same: God making himself real, and an intimate relationship growing out of that. I encourage you to read this book and judge for yourself if what we see is all there is, or is there much more to life than meets the eye? I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

The book’s success may also be attributed to the much-needed hope its attention-grabbing accounts bring during these troubled times. Toronto Christian Business Directory’s Ben Robinson describes Modern-Day Salvation Encounters as, “A compelling book that reassures us again and again that God’s promise to protect His children from the storms of life is everlasting.”

The very personal, dramatic and revealing short stories in the book are as varied as the 40 high-powered people sharing them.  They include highly intelligent people from all walks of life and widely diverse backgrounds, such as former CIA/INTERPOL agent John Elliott, Olympic medalists and other prominent international sports figures such as Chris Brown, Bill Renje and Stan Cottrell, executives, scientists, pastors, evangelists, and an ambassador to the United Nations.

The outstanding achievements of some contributors include Presidential, Congressional and foreign government accolades and recognitions, membership in prestigious Halls of Fame, even a current Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Hollywood is present, too, with acclaimed movie stars, stunt drivers, former television show hosts, directors, producers and screenwriters.

All story contributors have come together for one common purpose: they want to share their incredible, true “God stories” in the hopes readers will be assured there is a God and will come to know Him on a personal and intimate level.

Expressing delight with the rapid sales results, Restagno said, “My goal with this book is to encourage, uplift, and inspire my readers in the most incredibly amazing and most awe-inspiring power of God’s love. The Best Seller status and Hot New Release visibility will help more readers discover this reality and the wealth of the inspiring testimonies in these extraordinary true accounts.”

Allison Restagno is a best-selling Christian Author, International Christian Conference Planner and Organizer of special speaker/author events. A graduate of McMaster University, she is an accredited, award-winning music teacher with 25 years’ teaching experience, member of the Canadian Federal Music Teachers Association, Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association and the Song Writers Association of Canada, as well as a wife and mother. But first and foremost, she has a heart and love for sharing her personal testimony of the many miracles and confirmations of the Lord’s faithfulness.  She currently has two ministry websites, and and is available for faith-building speaking engagements. 

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