Smart Airwheel E3 Electric Folding Bike Lets People Know Their City Much Better

How many people really know their living city? When they are on road, too much attention has been paid to traffic jam and crowded passersby. However, Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike is a type of travel transport, which not only gives people safe journey, but also spares time to appreciate their city.

City life is the dream of many people. When people indeed live in the big city, they may ignore a lot about it. When they drive a car on road, most of attention is paid to traffic jam and crowded passersby. Actually, it will change a lot as long as people are willing to replace their traditional travel transports with Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike.

Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike

It represents the newest technological achievement. Recently, Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike as well as other new arrivals, like C6 intelligent helmet and Z8 electric skateboard, has taken part in the EICMA 2016. The brand of Airwheel has been known by the whole world.

Airwheel E3 electric folding bike

When consumers place an order of Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike, they will get an exclusive bag that is used to pack the folded E3. Based on the ingenious folding system, the folded E3 is just 400*353*472mm, which is why people can take it to any occasions. The unfolded E3 is also very slim and it is able to pass through narrow corridors. As many vehicles are crawling on the road like snails, it can run like wind. Lithium-ion battery offers strong power. More importantly, the battery is swappable. On the one hand, it paves the way for convenient charging. On the other hand, it can be replaced when it runs out. That is to say, unlimited range becomes possible. 

Above all, Airwheel E3 electric folding bike is a great travel transport in daily life. In big city, the journey to another place becomes smooth. Take commute on workdays for example. People don’t need to reserve too much time on road. Maybe, they even have time to enjoy delicious breakfast in a time-honored shop. Day by day, people will know how wonderful the city is. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly travel transport. It will green the city and make it suitable to live.

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