Smart Electric Assist Bike R5 Opens a New Era for Airwheel

Autumn is a season suitable for outdoor riding. Airwheel has then rolled out its third electric folding bike R5, following the previous E3 and E6 to offer a new choice for customers.

This year, Airwheel, the established intelligent vehicle manufacturer has given preference to the development of folding e-bikes. People who are not skillful enough to operate intelligent self-balancing scooters will find leisure in riding Airwheel foldable e bikes. The recently released smart folding e bike R5, powered by electricity is an eco-friendly pal for either daily riding or recreational use.

 citizen e-bike

Removing the Li-ion battery, the electric assist bike R5 is just a normal bike, which can be pedal-driven by human labor. But with the Li-ion battery, it is much labor-saving. This enables R5 to support three riding modes. The previous electric folding bike E3 and E6 have already won wide market acclamation. R5 has possessed the agility and superior folding abilities of its predecessors. But in a broader way, R5 has elevated the practical functions of e bikes to a higher level. The branded Li-ion battery guarantees that there are sufficient power supply for a ride. But even in case of a dead battery, it can be driven forward by human labor.

Airwheel R5 electric moped bike

The battery of the citizen e-bike is also swappable. With a USB port design, it is able to charge other electric devices. Considering the recent battery explosion of the large companies, Airwheel can guarantee the safety of its battery, guarded by 8 circuit protection. The battery weighs 1.4kg and has a long range. The 16-inch customized wheel hub ensures that the vehicle can negotiate with different road conditions and bring a comfortable riding experience. As a tradition for Airwheel products, it can be connected to smart phones via an app, which can display many details.

The introduction of Airwheel e-bikes have exerted a positive effect on the current society. The congested urban traffic and the worsening environment both call for less petrol-driven automobiles and more electric vehicles. Electric self-balancing scooters are still not allowed to run on the main streets in many countries. But Airwheel R5 electric moped bike, integrating the efficiency of e-bikes and the traditional functions of bikes will be a good alternative on the urban roads.

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