Do not miss Airwheel smart electric bikes in the Black Friday shopping

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday 2016 will be on Friday November 25, 2016. The Black Friday season has grown to be a huge shopping event. What are you going to buy in the shopping season? One thing that you should not miss is the Airwheel smart e bike.

In recent days, various kinds of commodities are on sale but it is all just prelude. In the following days are Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The annual big sales is coming soon, are you ready for it? If now you lack a portable transport tool, you’d better take a look at the smart e bikes released by Airwheel and finally will find out your favorite one.

Airwheel Z5

Do you have the plan for purchasing a tool for daily commute? Here we strongly recommend three for your choice, they are E6 intelligent e bike, E3 backpack electric bike and Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike. Light, small and collapsible, all these three smart e bikes take little space and are easy to be carried into public transport vehicles.

smart e bikes

Foldable electric bike E series without chain

With multiple folding system, E series intelligent e bikes can be very small after being folded. The connection joint is located at the center point of its “X” shaped figure for E6 folding e bike while E3 e bike is more likely presented as a double circles. Apart from the cool shapes, they also have other merits such as the comfortable rubber saddle with the left-right design, car-level painting craftsmanship and inside USB interface for charging smart devices.

intelligent e bikes

Electric moped bike R series with chain

When it has the chain structure, R5 electric assist bike owns the man-power pedaling ride mode. Riders can use it just same as a traditional bicycle. This mode contributes to keep fit and strengthen body. Of course, electrical mode is also available. But the most optimal mode shall be semi-electric ride mode. Ranging from 0 to 11 for the gear levels, R5 electric power bicycle can be fast and slow so riders can realize free riding more flexibly.

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