Freedom Card Solutions Announces EMV Enabled Terminals For Merchants

Freedom Card Solutions
Freedom Card Solutions, a full service credit card processor based in Florida, is a leader in handling payment processing and merchant services for small to medium sized businesses. As your business grows, the comprehensive financial solutions we offer streamline your operations so you, the owner, can focus on the major tasks of your business.

With security for your credit card transactions at an all-time high priority for consumers and processors alike, Freedom Card Solutions offers all solutions for the merchant.  EMV or chip processing was mandated in October of 2015.  EMV transactions initiated by using EMV enabled terminals are protected by the issuing bank against fraudulent transactions.  But if a merchant is not set up with this technology, then they can be held liable for any and all fraudulent transactions.  EMV transactions are encrypted, and more difficult to replicate or steal from a terminal. 

As of today, just over 40% of all US businesses have switched over to the new EMV terminals.  Why so few?  Problems with programming the terminals, availability of qualified terminals, and slow transaction speeds have slowed the adoption.  Those problems have all but dissipated over the last year.  Transaction speeds are faster, and the programming of these terminals has become faster with no backlogs of processing equipment now.

By offering solutions for enterprise sized businesses down to the one-man show, Freedom Card Solutions will process for you day and night and keep your business running smoothly.  We implement all the latest payment strategies including gift cards, mobile pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay.

The EMV chip is here to stay.  As a small business owner, if you are not equipped with the new terminals, now is the time to contact a merchant services provider to go over your options. 

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Freedom Card Solutions provides small and large businesses with leading edge card payment solutions to help companies meet rapidly changing payment needs.

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