Prestige Towing Now Offers Various Roadside Assistance Solutions

Prestige Towing in Ottawa is pleased to announce that from today it will be providing a new range of roadside assistance solutions to Ottawa drivers. After noticing a need for these roadside assistance services Prestige Towing added a new service package to the towing and car locksmith services that it currently provides – Roadside Assistance Solutions.

“For a while we’ve noticed a need for these roadside services and we considered adding them to our existing services, we only really made a concrete decision to add them after being asked about them numerous times by customers,” said Manager of Ottawa’s Prestige Towing, Mark Rond. “We really have our amazing staff to thank for being able to add these services to the list of services we already offer.  They all put a lot of effort into preparing Prestige Towing to be able to announce the new range of services, including doing some training and making sure that we have all the equipment necessary to provide assistance in these situations in our trucks at all times. Prestige Towing has always said that it is proud to provide emergency auto services to Ottawa drivers and while preparing for this new project we saw that this is not just an empty slogan and that our entire staff considers helping the local community very important”.

The Prestige Towing team works very hard to make sure that Ottawa drivers are safe.  The company has a team available around the clock, 365 days a year in order to provide emergency towing or car locksmith services whenever needed. Everyone takes customer satisfaction very seriously at Prestige Towing and quality is of the utmost importance at all times.

“The new services that we are offering might not seem like a big deal but believe me they are. For example, changing a flat tire, which is something that most people know how to do, but sometimes it is much easier just to call a professional to come and do it.  It’s not easy to change a tire in the dark or in the cold, we have equipment that makes it much easier to do this and of course it is quicker for us to change the tire, so it makes sense to call us to do it. We also offer flat battery jumpstarts, another thing that many drivers don’t need professional help for, but they do need another car and sometimes they just don’t have one.  We respond quickly to all calls, so they won’t have to wait for longer than 30 minutes, and we have the equipment to do the work easily. And, if the battery can’t be jumpstarted we will be able to replace their battery with a new one, saving them time. Another service we now provide is petrol refills for drivers who have run out of petrol when they are on the road. These things happen and it’s always good to know that if they do we are there to help you out”.

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