MatchMyRx: An App that helps patients understand their prescriptions by matching their Meds with their Conditions

Miami, FL PRX Control Solutions, a digital health company that offers a smart prescription platform to health plans and payers recently launched a Web App to help patients increase awareness of their medications.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, more than 100 million* Americans with chronic ailments often suffer from multiple conditions and take multiple medications at the same time, making it harder for them to understand which treatment goes with each illness. At the same time, patients often don’t receive a complete diagnosis, leaving their records uncoded, which may affect the patient’s future quality of care. A recent case study conducted by PRX with more than 1 million prescriptions from Medicare patients, revealed that more than 13% of the prescriptions didn’t match a diagnosis of the patient.

MatchMyRx is a free web application that let’s patients match their conditions to medications, alerting them of improper prescriptions, controlled substances and off-label indications. MatchMyRx  also wants to empower patients to take more control over their health, improving their medication adherence and the communication with their healthcare providers.

With MatchMyRx patients get a free prescription record they can share with their doctors and family members. The Web App may also be used by healthcare professionals to provide more prescription data to their patients and by med students to learn prescription patterns.

MatchMyRx also wants to prevent medical errors, prescription abuse and reduce overall healthcare costs.

The team behind PRX believes that a solution like MatchMyRx may help patients be more aware and informed about their medications and help reduce the abuse and waste of opioids and antibiotics, which costs the US government billions of dollars each year.**

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About PRX Control Solutions: PRX is digital health company based in Miami, Florida that offers a smart prescription platform to health plans and payers, focused on detecting improper prescriptions, abuse and waste, and on providing better prescription data to their clients. PRX has been part of Wayra and Venture Hive’s accelerator program in Miami. 

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