Launch Your Own Apple TV or Roku Channel with Orkutr

Charles Town, WV – Orkutr, Inc. is made up of a group of engineers and web developers that want to help startups, schools, and companies market themselves by developing TV apps for Roku and Apple TV. Although their focus is on TV streaming, Orkutr’s team is strong in many areas of video production and can tackle various projects with expertise. 

“We are making a push to get more Colleges and Universities to launch their own TV App at competitive rates. The office of admissions can use their content rich Apple TV and Roku channel as a sales pitch to boost enrollment,” said La Nard Bradley, President, “Athletic departments can upload the home and away games of various team sports to be streamed on demand. Graduation ceremonies can be streamed in real time while ceremonies of previous years can be archived.”

Orkutr’s other services include assisting content owners with formatting digital assets and deliverables to meet Amazon Video Direct’s rigid approval process. Amazon Video Direct is a way for content owners of digital media to upload video libraries, movies, and episodes to be streamed to millions of customers of Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime.

Orkutr also produces, directs, writes, casts and edits commercials, short films, and digital animations. Their goal is for every day bloggers and people with a part-time business to have a thirty second explainer video that creates awareness, educates, and persuades a positive call to action for just a few hundred dollars. 

“As the streaming audience approaches 100,000,000 more people will look to have their content delivered on set top boxes and mobile devices via the internet,” the team explained, “To counter this, more content providers will move to have a presence on one or both media platforms by launching their own TV app. We’ve begun to tap into this market while offering other related products and services.”

The engineers at Orkutr, Inc. can produce an Apple TV or Roku app for $20,000.00. They plan to create package deals or perks where schools can obtain both platforms for $30,000.00.

For more information, please visit the Orkutr website here or contact the company below.

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