PaperChef Explain How To Use Parchment Paper In Cooking

The parchment cooking experts have just launched their new website that provides their latest parchment cooking products, recipes, tips, and advice.

PaperChef who has become a worldwide brand name in the parchment cooking market has launched a campaign to help people understand how they can use Parchment Paper. The parchment cooking experts ( supply a wide range of products including parchment cooking bags, baking cups, lotus cups, and parchment rounds.

Parchment Paper has been used for many years by professional chefs and now it’s being used by people who love to cook at home. Parchment paper is a handy cooking item that can be placed on baking sheets, inside cake pans, and on other popular baking containers. It is a healthy way to cook and acts as a barrier between the dish and the food, removing the need to use oils.

A spokesman for PaperChef said: “Parchment paper is a great tool to have in the kitchen. It is a great accessory to use when baking cakes and cooking, helping to simplify the process and remove the mess that could be caused by traditional methods.”

Parchment paper is easy to use.

Most baking tins and containers can be lined with parchment paper. It can be used for baking cakes and can even be used for casserole or stew dishes, helping to stop the food from sticking to the cooking appliance.

Parchment paper ( can be cut to any size. It does not matter what size the baking or cooking tin is, within a few minutes, the parchment paper can be cut to fit the container.

“Parchment paper can stop food being wasted. A lot of the time when people cook they find the food is stuck to the bottom of the baking or cooking container,” explained a spokesman for PaperChef.

With so many different products to choose from, PaperChef has become a leader in their field with their products being sold in retail outlets all around the USA. Now, their products can be bought directly form their website.

The new website not only provides a fast way to buy their products, but it also provides important cooking information, tips, advice and great recipes to follow. To learn more about PaperChef and parchment cooking, please visit

About PaperChef

PaperChef was founded by Scott Miller and Bill Benson in 2010. The company aim is to help people to enjoy healthy cooking and to make it easier to cooking amazing food.

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