First 3rd party product support LabVIEW FPGA can replace NI RIO product now.

The nuclear RIO technology of National Instruments has been broken through. NI’s monopoly position has been overthrown. The first 3rd party product of world supports LabVIEW FPGA has been released. MangoTree Digital Technology Co. Ltd from China has been broken through the key technology of NI. Their products can replace NI’s All RIO series products and support LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA programming. It is said that NI has informed its employees of the world about their products and admit their technology. Their newest product Atom-RIO is more powerful than NI’s RIO and it can meet all users’ application requirements. The price of Atom-RIO is 1/10 of NI’s same RIO Product. Atom-RIO can give the performance user want! The flexibility user want! And the Price user want!

The majority of people may suspect the IP infringement oftheir products. It is reported that their products communicate with LabVIEW by VISA in essence, so the problem of IP infringement may do not exist.

Atom-RIO can be used in Test, Measurement and Control field. The architecture of Atom-RIO is very incredible, it combines Intel CPU and Xilinx FPGA. As we know, FPGA has been widely used in measurement and control field with its ability of parallel processing, high reliability and high responsiveness. The combination of CPU and FPGA is the most powerful architecture at present. In the world, Atom-RIO has been used in the development of aero-engine, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), robot control, etc. Moreover, they claimed that their products have been purchased by more and more NI’s partners, and gained favorable reputation after usage. They have owned a huge number of customers all over the world.

 From the picture on their website we can know that they have received the attention from 54 countries and regionsin the world: (MangoTree Tech website:

Atom-RIO owns powerful features:

  • Up to 2.58GHz Intel Dual-core Celeron Processor;
  • 64GB SSD 、4GB DDR RAM;
  • USB3.0、USB2.0 、Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI interface;
  • Spartan6 LX75 FPGA(Optional LX150);
  • Support Windows、WES7 and Pharlap RT OS;
  • PCIe DMA Communication;
  • Support all NI C series module.

With the PCIe interface, Intel CPU can communicate with FPGA for real-time data interaction. Atom-RIO is a small and reliable system of industry control and collection. Using the reconfigurable I/O (RIO) technology, it can realize user-defined application with high-performance. With Atom-RIO, user can develop applications quickly based on LabVIEW. User can access the I/Os on Atom-RIO directly by using basic I/O function of LabVIEW FPGA. With Intel Dual-core Celeron processor, Atom-RIO can excute LabVIEW real-time program reliably. WIte Gigabit Ethernet interface, Atom-RIO can do communication on the network.

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