Yan Li: A Young Filmmaker from China Is Now Active On The Hollywood Stage

Yan is doing his best to bridge the Chinese movie market with Hollywood, in order to import more excellent independent movies into China.

He has been executive producer of 3 features, Euro ClubAmityville Terror, and American Exorcism, which has been released through RedBox. He was the director and producer of his own short film “J K Q&A”, which included a well-trained cast and crew. With different cultural backgrounds, Yan is doing his best to bridge the Chinese movie market with Hollywood, in order to import more excellent independent movies into China.

Since the whole entertainment business in China is less developed, Chinese movies are cultivated under the policy protection and most of the western movies that can be seen at Chinese cinemas are higher budget and more entertaining. So Yan was clever to begin reaching out and looking for more resources of different genres of movies  ever since he was a teenager. Driven by his passion towards the movie industry, Yan pursued his master degree of film production at New York Film Academy. “People look to the movies for entertainment… I knew right away this is what I wanted for a career,” Says Yan.

As a director, Yan aspires to be like Louise Malle, the wahe complements his movies with two elements, “distinctive personnel style” and “realism”. “He insists that good movies doesn’t necessarily mean huge tech and huge budgets; While using long shots to reflect characters’ mental conflict and status is always more effective than making the roles and the scenes dramatic.” As a producer, Yan respects fellow producer Harvey Weinstein. In his opinion, the most important feature of a good producer isn’t having abundant capital and connection, but his/her unique perspective of movies, and capability of constantly discovering potential directors and scripts.

Besides Yan’s goal to open up a Chinese movie market, he is now an active practitioner in VR fields. He currently has some MV projects in production. He thinks that the most difficult part of making VR movies is discarding the traditional and experienced shooting methods, which is unpredictable. Being a big fan of Grunge, Yan has always been a big fan of the late Kurt Cobain and so he decided to make his first break by producing a documentary of Kurt Cobain in VR..

As a Chinese filmmaker, Yan understands he is a minority group in Hollywood. His oriental cultural background will bring new elements to this industry. His distinctive perspective of movies will help western independent films find precise marketing target in China.

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