SANTA Is REAL!! YouTube Video Reveals Top 10 Times Father Christmas Caught On Camera

Top YouTube Channel DailyTop10 has just released a rare YouTube video that shows Father Christmas caught on camera not one but 10 times! All the clippings are completely authentic.

Leicester, UK, December 20, 2016: “Is Santa Real???”…with Christmas knocking at the door, this is surely one of the most frequent searches over the web of late. It’s the same picture every year as the cold breeze sets prelude to the holiday season and not just the kids yet adults too are always intrigued by the real existence of Father Christmas. But the WAIT IS OVER finally- leading YouTube Channel DailyTop10 has recently released an exclusive video that reveals “Top 10 Times Santa was Caught on Camera”!!

Bustling with a whopping 306,386 views, the video shows real clippings of our dear old Santa recorded on camera by regular folks like you and me. It’s for the FIRST time ever that someone has made such a video. You can be sure of no advanced misleading editing tactics in the video.



“One of the top questions that have always baffled us since our childhood and are still intriguing us is whether somebody called ‘Santa Claus’ actually exists or not. Well, we always have his presents ready for us at our homes to brighten our Christmas morning but hardly anyone can see him. Now, Father Christmas is very particular to ensure that nobody gets to see him as he slips down the presents yet some very lucky people have somehow been able to catch him on camera. Our YouTube video brings to you such an exclusive footage where you have not one but 10 times Santa was caught on camera. Kids, you are just not going to believe your eyes as you play the video and we promise you completely authentic real footage here- no Photoshop tweaking has been done here”, stated one of the leading spokespersons from  DailyTop10.


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The YouTube video shows Santa being caught on camera in various locations. For example, The 9th clipping shows Santa on the sidewalk while the 5th one reveals Santa caught on security camera in one family’s living room. You will just have Goosebumps when you will see the living room fireplace going off all by itself and the very next moment…’s SANTA who is sneaking out into the room from the chimney. Some of the clippings also show Santa enjoying milk and cookies left for him by the homeowner.

“Our video not only has clippings of Santa delivering the presents but one of the clips also show how  some lucky guy saw Santa on his neighbor’s roof …and much to our delight…he managed to capture a very up-close view of sledge scooting out to the next house! YES, the video is about all these and much more that will restore your faith about the real existence of Father Christmas.”

The # 1 shows a rare footage where you have Santa almost caught by the homeowner.

The video concludes with a happy Santa requesting the homeowners to keep a 20 year old Cognac brandy for him on the table… “That’s my favorite”, the mischievous old man adds with his signature impish grin.

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