A New User Friendly Guide To Buying An Electric Chainsaw

Earth Friendly Tools has a wide range of electric chainsaws that are jam packed with tons of power to get through even the toughest of jobs.

USA– Earth Friendly Tools has a wide range of electric chainsaws that are jam packed with tons of power to get through even the toughest of jobs.

“The chainsaw is probably one of the handiest and valuable tools you have in your shed. A chainsaw can significantly reduce any manual work involved when it comes to landscaping around the home. As more powerful and feature rich models of electric chainsaws are produced they have quickly begun to replace the traditional gas powered models that many have relied on for decades,” said Karl Marks the company’s representative

There are currently two types of electric chainsaws on the market – corded and cordless. The former has restrictions in as far as how far one can move while using it and is therefore not ideal for use in remote areas. It is also possible for the user to slice through the extension cord and absolute care is therefore needed when handling this machine. Despite these limitations, this type has some of the most powerful models of electric chainsaws, and they are considered the best choice for bigger jobs. Earth Friendly Tools, http://earthfriendlytools.com/, have plenty of these in stock.

While the cordless variety does provide the user with flexibility in terms of use, they have lower power capabilities and are therefore mainly suited for trimming smaller trees and or cutting up wood indoors. Some can, however, cut through trunks and limbs that are more than one foot in diameter. The cordless electric chainsaw does not produce as much noise as the corded model or the traditional gas powered type, and this makes it ideal for early morning yard work. Earth Friendly Tools, is the place to go for this type of model.

When it comes to buying an electric chainsaw, one needs to consider their cutting needs and physical strength. It is this that will determine whether they should go for a light duty model, a mid-range model or a professional grade. For most users, the mid-range model works best as it is able to handle thicker diameter wood and has a lightweight design like most light duty models.

Electric chainsaws come with various features that distinguish them from the older gas powered models. Some of these include: Soft start function, self-lubricating capabilities, protective features that protect the user from flying broken or derailed chains and installations that reduce vibration, when the saw is in use, which prevents fatigue that’s considered a major source of accidents.

About the CompanyEarth Friendly Tools is an American based website dedicated to helping consumers find the best electric chainsaw for their needs. To learn more, visit http://earthfriendlytools.com/.

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