Richard Lytle, Mortgage Banker, Reaches Top of Amazon Best Seller List with New Book

The new release “Mortgage Storm, Making It Rain by Mastering Your Craft” hit Number 1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List in the Mortgage Category during the week of November 21.
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Mortgage Banker Richard Lytle co-authored the new release, “Mortgage Storm, Making It Rain by Mastering Your Craft,” with fifteen other top mortgage producers and coaches across the United States. The book reached and remained at Number 1 for the Mortgage Category on Amazon all throughout the week of November 21.

Mortgage origination can be one of the most rewarding careers among the entire real estate industry and even among all sales fields. Income is generally commission-based and the earning potential is only limited by individual performance. The challenge is that there is not much in the way of formal training available to learn how to master the business. In “Mortgage Storm,” Lytle and fifteen other top producers and mortgage coaches provide million dollar insights and tips to success in this business. The authors provide a “peek behind the curtain” to see how they have built their businesses and have generated over $20 billion combined in residential mortgage originations.

Lytle commented on a point he made in the book, “We often hear about vision statements, but most view them as being applicable to a company or organization. Each one of us should individually have our own personal vision statement.” He continued, “A key part of a personal vision statement is establishing our purpose, why we are in this business, and why we want to make money from our work. Once one understands their purpose and vision for the future, it becomes much easier to think through the steps need for achievement of the vision.”

In his chapter, Lytle shares and explains several key factors for success in the mortgage industry, including:

  • Developing the proper mindset
  • Blocking time every week for prospecting activity
  • Leveraging relationships with real estate agents by working with agent teams
  • Creating systems to standardize processes and efficiently managing time
  • Developing ways to demonstrate expertise in the mortgage field

“Mortgage Storm, Making It Rain by Mastering Your Craft, is available on in a Kindle version at The paperback version will be released soon.

Richard Lytle has been a mortgage loan officer for fourteen years, serving the Wilmington, North Carolina area and surrounding counties. He is a Producing Manager for On Q Financial in Wilmington. Lytle is also a frequent instructor of classes for real estate agents, teaching topics about specific mortgage products, strategic approaches, and down-payment assistance programs. He has served as the President of the Wilmington Advisory Board Chapter of BNI and is involved with the “Wilmington Leadership” program organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

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