Framaroot Launches App that Lets You Root Your Android Device in One Click

Indonesia – Framaroot has just announced the launch of a new app that lets android users root their devices with just one click. Circumventing the need for a computer, Framaroot allows users to download an app that puts the control and custom-designing of android devices into the hands of its users.

For a while now, android users have been left to the mercy of the manufacturers when it comes to customizing the speed, accessibility, and app housing of their devices. Many users simply resign themselves to having their storage capacity bogged down by dozens of unused apps that take up memory space and slow down their devices. Even for android users who are tech savvy and know that they can root their android devices, the rooting apps available on the market come with the risk of slowing down or completely immobilizing the smartphone, or the rooting processes themselves are so complicated that one must be extremely well versed in code to understand even the most rudimentary steps of the system reconfigurations.

Framaroot offers android lovers the opportunity to root their devices with just one click. By downloading the compatible Framaroot APK version (android application package), users can use one app to control the distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware.

The Framaroot one-tap rooting app outranks its competitors for many reasons. It is proven to be faster than other rooting apps, making android users into “superusers” in just a matter of minutes. The one-click usability and user-friendly interface also makes the rooting process much easier for both tech laypersons and tech geeks. Most important of all, the Framaroot app offers a safe and reliable rooting experience. The app itself does not slow down the phone, and Framaroot never installs any unwanted malicious programs, such as malware, spyware, adware or viruses. There are no hidden programs that piggy-back onto the core Framaroot rooting app, and in addition, the Framaroot APK also eliminates those frustrating adverts. The Framaroot APK available at also does not interfere with other applications, files or data. Instead, that control is put into the hands of the superuser, who is free to download, install or delete any applications and custom-engineer the android device to suit their own needs. Superusers can also prevent unnecessary background programs from running and slowing down the performance of their devices.

The days of users being helpless to the decisions of manufacturers and unnecessary apps and background programs is over. Framaroot’s one-click app transforms android users into android superusers, letting them be in control of their devices.

Contact Name: Adam Horal

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