Be grateful for Airwheel Urban escooter on the occasion of this Thanksgiving Day

A few weeks later, Thanksgiving Day will come. On this special day, as fans of Airwheel, we should give our sincere gratitude for its contributions in the electric equipment industry. From electric scooters to electric skateboards and from intelligent helmet to electric bikes, Airwheel means a lot for us.

Speaking of 2-wheel, we will naturally associate it with Airwheel. Maybe in the years with Airwheel, you will find that it become more convenient than before by riding those cute electric vehicles. Without these considerate gadgets, we can’t imagine for how to face with the terrible traffic transportation. So we should be thankful for Airwheel for bringing us those portable and practical Airwheel intelligent electric scooters, skateboards and e bikes.

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Thanksgiving Day is the time for sticking families together. When you are immersed into the happiness of reunion, you should not forget those beautiful memories brought by Airwheel. In the past days, S8 electric walkcar and Z5 electric standing scooter accompanied you to shuttle between home and office. When you get some achievements on the position, perhaps your favorite electric scooter helps since it saves time and energy for you to focus on a thing. Without parking and choking problem, everything seems to be fine.

Airwheel R5 electric assist bike

As the backbone of this industry, Airwheel can always capture the more recent market trends and consumer’s demands. This is also needed to be appreciated. The new released E series smart e bikes are well-received, featured by the power-driven mode and no chain structure. A pleasant trip derives from the comfortableness and portability of vehicle. Rubber saddle with the separated left-right design, multiple folding system and app function of E6 or E3 lay a foundation for providing you a wonderful trip.

smart e bikes

People who love riding bicycles has also received welfare as Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is showcased at the EICMA exhibition. This new arrival, with the chain structure, has earned a good reputation due to its multiple ride style “man-power, electricity and semi-electricity”. In the next days, you can ride R5, just like pedaling a traditional bike under the pure man-power mode to recollect childhood memory or keep fit; or you can choose the semi-electricity mode to switch gear levels till it is apt for your travelling.

All in all, we are going to say “thank you” for Airwheel.

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