Introducing SEMJar PBN Hosting Service: SEM Hosting – Marketing with a Difference

Everyone interested in effective digital marketing and use of PBNs now has access to a reliable hosting service called SEM Hosting. Developed by SEMJar’s SEO professionals this service offers Class-A IP accounts and numerous other benefits.

Using PBNs (Private Blog Networks) for boosting a business website’s ranking is a practice that has proven to be extremely efficient. However, it only works when these networks are hosted in the right way. Poor quality hosting comes with a variety of issues that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bad customer service and extended response time
  • Extended downtime is case any problems occur with the websites
  • Threat of the websites being hacked
  • Risk of being banned by Google and other search engines

SEMJar, a company renowned for its use of efficient SEO practices now offers a solution to those who want to use private networks for their business promotion. Their PBN hosting are specially designed for SEO purpose, provides guarantees of quality and a number of important benefits, such as a Class-A IP address, 1 GB of disk space, and NONE of the client’s personal information on SOA records.

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Using this type of hosting ensures that the PBN is stable and untraceable. Meaning it can effectively boost the business’ SEO ranking and enhance the general marketing strategy. Dong so through a well-developed hosting network is the key to working in tandem with the search engines’ protocols.

How to Choose a Reliable Hosting Service

There are dozens of hosting companies today, so one has to compare the pros and cons of their offers to choose the one that would work best. The most important factors to consider are:

  • Reliability and quality of support.
    The hosting service must guarantee high level uptime and security so that the client can be sure their network would work efficiently no matter what.
  • No footprint.
    This is essential when dealing with PBNs as these networks must stay discreet. Look for a hosting provider that uses multiple servers located in different places (preferably, in different countries). In addition, look for a company that offers various CMS as sticking to WordPress alone increases footprint.

SemJar offers exactly this with their 100+ networks that span across the globe and a friendly support team that one can contact anytime either through the Live Chat on their official website or through a specialized Contact Us form. Visit the special page dedicated to their PBN Hosting service to learn more about the packages available and other benefits included in SEM Hosting,

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