Restaurants bombarded with Cockroaches in Greater Seattle areas numbers from pest control services

“Roaches are not only annoying and unsightly; they can also pose some health risks. Some roaches carry diseases that can be transferred to whatever they come into contact with. Keep your family and pets safe by using solid roach extermination methods that”
Cockroaches are found everywhere, the most common of all household pests. prevention methods include daily cleaning, the appropriate food storage, in order to stop infestation. Roaches get into homes seeking shelter, water and food. Then they multiply rapidly, posing considerable risk to health and comfort. Cockroaches carry bacteria resulting diarrhea, food poisoning, skin rashes and allergies. AM/PM Exterminators develop a suitable plan before going about killing cockroaches at home.

Downtown Seattle restaurant kitchen and apartments being cockroach magnets

The Puget Sound has more cockroach infestations in the Seattle area thanpeople realize . The dirty pests not only bombard homes but will find a wayinto food warehouses, commercial businesses, apartments and restaurants. ADowntown Seattle restaurant owner was getting ready to close up but decidedto make a snack before leaving . But had to talk to chef and finish dailydeposit. Time to get going so went into the kitchen and switched on thelight and the cockroaches went berserk. The owner was mortified as therehad been no indication until now that there was a cockroach problem.Shocked and highly agitated the search begun for the pesticide spray whichproved to be ineffective. The owner checked everything in kitchen andpantry and found food lodged in floor drain, an open floor bag in pantry,dirty greasy stove top.

The fact that this restaurant kitchen and pantry were indeed cockroach magnets.

The owner took pictures of the kitchen and food storage areas. A newshipment of dried goods had arrived late afternoon and could very well bethe source of the infestation. The photos were then emailed to aprofessional cockroach exterminator to positively identify the type ofcockroach infestation was in the restaurant. This was perfect informationfor the pest control specialist to identify and know the type of treatmentthat would be needed.

Cockroaches are no doubt one of the most hated bugs. The ugly and yuckyGerman Cockroach is very common in Seattle. It’s time to make thatappointment with AMPM Exterminators who emailed with confirmation this wasa German Cockroach infestation. The restaurant owner responded to the AMPM Exterminator professional to make that much needed appointment. Becausethis problem was way too huge to try do-it-yourself remedies.

How to identify German cockroaches are nasty nuisances found in many places in restaurants:

German cockroaches don’t discriminate as to where to get cozy once inside arestaurant. The pests love humid and warm spots. When the owner startedchecking there were cockroaches seen around the refrigerator. Other placesto check would be are around freezers, dishwashers, stoves and otherappliances. Cracks and crevices are especially favorites when close tosources of food and water. The bugs are sneaky and fast and come out atnight to feed and of course this frightens people. Cockroaches can and willtransmit diseases. The yucky yucks will contaminate all food with it’ssaliva and feces are known to spread diseases such as salmonella whichcauses food poisoning. People can have Severe allergic reactions to thesetypes of bugs.

How to get rid of the Cockroaches with Pest Control:

Time is if the essence and it’s time to get this cockroach infestationunder control. Starting with cleaning and sanitizing the entire kitchenand food pantry. The client had completed a thorough search of therestaurant and all data was sent to AMPM EXTERMINATORS pest controlspecialist. The technician called the owner and went over the pest controlefforts list that needed to be followed to a tee so that the eliminationprocess would be successful. It was stressed that a cockroach infestationcould require more than one visit. The owner felt confident in the factthat AMPM Exterminators rated very high for cockroach infestationextermination.

Cockroaches are gone but how to keep them away through prevention:

AMPM Exterminators provides a thorough cockroach extermination services.Covering downtown Seattle, select Counties, and Greater Seattle. Theclient’s decision to hire AMPM Exterminators was the best and successfulchoice. The Creepy Cockroaches were eliminated . The owner was so relievedbecause the restaurant was Cockroach free and could go into the kitchenwithout fear of the pests running crazy. A part of AMPM Exterminatorsservice was to share some prevention tips. For preventative measures therestaurant needs to be kept clean and sanitized on a daily basis. Veryimportant to clean the stoves each and every day. Garbage disposed of dailyand nightly in tied up garbage bags in a closed dumpster. Never ever leavefood or open beverages out on counters or stove. Keep counters clean, noclutter. Sweep and mop the floors daily. Look for any new cracks orcrevices that need to be sealed. Appliances need yo be pulled out from thewall to clean floors. Clean and sanitize are the two keywords to remember.AMPM Exterminators offers recurring services such as bi-monthly, monthly orquarterly.

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