Mishelin Bib Gourmand winner for 3 straight years “Due Italian”debuts in Singapore!

Gourmet Innovation Pte Ltd, a company operating “Ramen Gallery TAKUMEN” is going to release new ramen brand– “Due Italian” on 2016.12.20.

“Due Italian” is a popular ramen restaurant which won Michelin Bib Gourmand for 3 straight years. The owner of restaurant, Mr. Kazuo Ishizuka had engaged his business in Italy for 25 years and make “Ramen Fromage” which is using Italian cuisine ingredients.

The rich cheese gradually melts into the soup, giving a bold combination of Gorgonzola Cheese mixed cream, which receives overwhelming positive reviews from females. In addition, the rich flavor of finely made cheese gives the broth a multi-layered taste.

Due Italian ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1309/A130904/13093887/)
Besides “Due Italian” , “Ramen Gallery TAKUMEN” is also providing
popular ramen from 7 famous Ramen Restaurants below:
Bigiya ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1317/A131702/13093976/)
Bingiri ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1319/A131906/13126311/)
Hajime ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1322/A132205/13090786/)
Chibakara (https://tabelog.com/chiba/A1206/A120601/12000912/)
Honda Shoten ( https://tabelog.com/fukuoka/A4008/A400801/40024930/)
Sakuta-Ya ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1312/A131204/13093723/
DoMiso ( https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1301/A130101/13031470/)

Shop Detail
Opening Hour: Mon-Thu 11:30-15:00 17:30-22:00
Fri: 11:30-15:00  17:30-24:00
Sat: 11:30-15:00  17:30-21:00
Sun:11:30-15:00   17:30-21:00

About Ramen Gallery TAKUMEN
In 2010, Takumen opened an online ramen store “宅麺.com(takumen.com)” to deliver a wide variety of ramen. Our goal is to offer a new way to enjoy ramen, delivering you quality ramen – especially from popular shops where queues are inevitable – that have the identical flavor you will find at the shops, to savor in the comfort of your home.

We have established a branch here in Singapore, featuring a range of ramen from selected ramen shop owners, and crafted with thought and care in order to deliver an authentic Japanese flavor to an audience beyond the shores of Japan. The creators have put their hearts and souls into their ramen, and so we have gone through repeated trial and error to adapt to the local water and ingredients, while still maintaining the authentic Japanese flavors. We offer only dishes approved by each shop owner.

The same broth that you enjoy from each shop is properly cooked from scratch, and combined with a special soup base, the secret “kaeshi” (sauce), from each chef sent directly from Japan. From here, we recreate the taste, the richness, and the flavor of each shop’s secret formula. The results are, in a word, delicious. We invite you to relish the flavor of these six first-class shops.

Our promise at Ramen Gallery TAKUMEN
Select your favorite flavors delivered directly from the shop owners. Ramen-making at Ramen Gallery TAKUMEN begins with professional chefs spending several days in the kitchens of famous ramen shops in Japan, learning the recipes from the ramen craftsmen themselves. We then recreate the recipes from Japan in a Singapore kitchen using local ingredients, practicing and experimenting over and over to create the same flavors. As a final step, we invite the original shop owners sample the results; once they’ve approved, we obtain their verification in writing to prove that we have faithfully reproduced their original flavors. Only then do we add the items to our menu.

Cooked for long periods over high heat, our soups are carefully strained and watched over carefully to ensure that they don’t burn. Also, in order to ensure that the soup has the same flavor as the original, not only the temperature and cooking time, but also salt content and thickness are meticulously checked during the manufacturing process. We add the secret tare-sauce bases delivered direct from Japan to our freshly-cooked soups, and go to great lengths to achieve the same taste that you can enjoy in Japan.

We promise to deliver to you unmatched flavor-not only tonkotsu, but a wide and rich array of Japanese flavors -and we promise that you will savor the perfect bowl of ramen.

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Contact Person: Lee Kuan Yi
Email: kuanyi@gourmet-innovation.co.jp
Phone: 85112560
Address:66 Circular Road #01-01
Country: Singapore
Website: http://sg.takumen.com/