Best Company List For Credit Repair in 2017 is announced

When you’ve got bad credit and don’t know who to turn to, life can be tough. But now, thanks to AAACreditGuide, it might be about to get a lot easier to find people who can repair your flagging credit rating. The website, where you can find the best credit repair companies at, has just released its new list of top credit repair companies for 2017 and it details the five firms best equipped to help those with low credit scores.

To generate the guide, the people behind it studied hundreds of different credit repair companies to come up with their short list. The final ranking of each company was based on a number of key parameters. These parameters included the monthly cost of the company and the initial setup costs, the level of experience within the company, the company’s overall rating, the types of services on offer, the ability to cancel a contract, and the quality of the agency’s analytics.

Each of the credit repair companies on the list is reviewed and ranked, and visitors are given access to direct feedback provided by past clients. Right at the top of the list was Lexington Law, a legal firm offering free initial consultants. Lexington Law achieved its number one position, according to the guide, because of the fact that “no other company offers the same combination of expertise, service, flexibility, and affordability.” This conclusion is backed up by customer testimonials. One customer, for instance, remarked that he could not “believe the difference the service has made in [his] credit.”

The reason for the firm’s success according to the guide is the fact that Lexington Law uses its expertise and incentive structures to raise not only their individual clients but also their entire family out of poor credit. Alongside getting a free credit report, the firm gives discounts to other family members with a desire to improve their credit histories. As a result, the company takes a holistic approach, recognizing that repairing the credit score of the entire family unit is an important part of helping to make the lives of their individual clients better.

The runners up on the credit repair list include, Sky Blue, The Credit People and Ovation Credit Services. came in second overall, perhaps because the company doesn’t offer personalized services. The focus here appears to be on giving customers the ability to monitor their credit score 24/7 on their PCs and on their mobile devices. The service costs less than Lexington Law’s, but it doesn’t come with anything like the same level of human support. At Lexington Law, there are over 400 paralegals and more than 22 lawyers who work in conjunction with clients., on the other hand, focuses on automating the credit repair process and providing customers with things like email and text alerts when their credit scores are experiencing significant changes.

The new list of credit repair companies for 2017 is free for all to access and comes complete with contact information for all five of the top companies on the list.

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