EasierSoft Ltd presents a free application to print barcodes in all formats

EasierSoft Ltd has brought a cost-effective barcode printing solution. Users just have to follow certain guidelines to download this new software.

The use of barcode is becoming extremely crucial in every stage of commercial transaction in the domestic and global market. It helps in acquiring essential information on an item which is stored inside envelops, packets, baskets, and so on within short time. EasierSoft Ltd is a company that has brought out a new application called EasierSoft Barcode Generator which is an ease to use software for designing and printing barcode labels in any Windows compatible printer. This software also features unique function and can print labels containing barcode on common office use A4 paper with a laser or inkjet printer. It supports all the most popular types of barcode such as OR Code, EAN-13, Code 128, Code 39 etc.

EasierSoft Ltd presents a free application to print barcodes in all formats

XBL Barcode Excel helps to add in multiple barcodes to Excel spreadsheet. It can be used to design different types of barcode labels template that has complex formats and contents. It is a good choice for the most people who are familiar with the Excel application. This software helps people to avoid spending much money on acquiring other complex and sophisticated printing software to design barcodes. It comes with a feasible and strong document format editing and printing function. It helps to print multiple barcodes on all kinds of sticky label paper within short period of time. This software supports all the most popular 1D, 2D barcode types. It is also a suitable tool to input all the barcode numbers in Excel before generating them automatically at a same time.

This universal barcode maker comes with a drab but very functional interface. Although it displays a number of fields, drop-down menus, and radio buttons, the items are cleverly arranged in categories according to the steps to follow in creating barcodes, It offers a great deal of flexibility as it allows users to create bars by entering either text with single or multiple lines or specify a sequence of numbers within a range as well as importing data from an Excel spreadsheet. The formatting options provide flexibility in the appearance of the final barcode including fonts. This software works perfectly with existing office resources and reduces expenditure on installing high-end equipment.

Users can download this software for free in different versions to suit present and future requirements quite easily. This application stringently prevents the leakage of data before unauthorized sources. The firm also provides customized barcode label program design service to accommodate the ideas and dreams of clients.

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EasierSoft Ltd has brought out a new application called EasierSoft Barcode Generator. This application is easy to handle without any technical knowledge. It functions smoothly with any Windows compatible printer. For more information, viewers can visit the website of this company.

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