Make a difference for Mia Zara Rivas this holiday season

Two year old girl diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia needs all the love and support from the world

On August 2, 2016, Mia Zara Rivas was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As anyone can imagine, this was devastating news to her parents. Since then, her mother has been by her side giving her all the attention, while the father has been working multiple jobs trying to keep up with the hospital bills. We want to use the opportunity of this holiday to make a difference in the life of the little girl. We want people who care, to send her get-well cards, toys or make a video on the phone to wish Mia well.

“Mia’s story is an incredible tale that needs to be told. She is a little girl with a serious ailment, and she has been very strong. Despite her condition, she has maintained a high level of cheerfulness, even providing hope for her family and everyone around her. We want to make this holiday special for her, and we hope you will join us,” said Eddie Guerra, A blood donor volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Despite her situation, Mia is in high spirit for the holiday season, keeping everyone, including doctors and nurses happy at CHLA. Mia recently had a lumbar puncture/spinal tap & chemo session, which is not something any little girl of her age should ever have to endure. She deserves to be home on Christmas morning with her family opening gifts, instead of being followed by monitors and having blood drawn out.

“Mia has been a strong little girl. We are so proud of her, and we truly believe that with God’s help and your prayers, she is going to make it. I want to thank all our friends, family members, church members, followers and support system for their kindness, words of encouragement and gifts. Please keep little Mia Zara in your prayers,” said Priscilla, Mia’s mother.

For more information about Mia Zara Rivas journey, please visit her GoFundMe page at  

You can also follow her Instagram page to get the latest information about her journey at: @miazarajourney. 

Other Ways to help:

  1. Send Mia a get well card.
  2. Spread the word on Facebook & Instagram
  3. Small Donation to her GoFundMe page.
  4. Make a get well soon video/message for her and tag her on it

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